The Melva

The Melva


Influenced by late 70's new wave brit rock, including the likes of Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, and The Clash. Modern influence from pop/rock bands such as the Strokes, Weezer and Franz Ferdinand. Melody-driven music with a grit.


The Melva is a catchy rock band; careful not to lose the edge of early britain influences. Distinct vocals and instrumentation differentiate the Melva with respect to other bands of the sort.
Four local Muskoka, Ontario kids put a band together 8 years ago and this is the product.


Light and Sound EP (Independently Released)
Updated streaming songs are available on myspace, purevolume and facebook.

Set List

Original Material:
1. Light and Sound
2. Sort it Out
3. White Suit, White Tie
4. Stealing Made Easy
5. Keep it On the Dance Floor
6. Without Taylor
7. The Beat
8. Watch, This is What Happens
9. Knights to Impress
10. An Experience Starts Here
11. Tell Them Everything...
12. In Time

(These 12 to Appear on a Full Length LP "Darling, This Doesn't Look Good" in 2008)

Sets: Three 45-minute sets (including covers and original material)

Cover Repertoire (Songs by...)
The Clash, Weezer, Scissor Sisters, Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, Jet, Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Sublime, Green Day, The Kinks, The Searchers, Hot Hot Heat, Oasis, Billy Joel, The Cars, John Denver, to name a few.