The Me Monster

The Me Monster


The Me Monster has been compared to: fireworks, a circus, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, gummy bears, and a first kiss. TMM is the real deal. Catchy pop lyrics with a rock feel that will electrify your soul. This high energy band will keep you off your seat and on the dance floor!


formed in October 2008, the boys of The Me Monster have grown into a tight rock force that has no bounds, and call it what you want, they're here to stay. Their latest record 'Metro', with the singles HD Sunglasses, and Rock The Boat, have received significant commercial radio play in western Canada. TMM has played festivals such as Harbourfest and the Fort Frances Folk Festival. Even with how busy the boys are they still find time to post an entertaining and informative video blog every week. The music can be described as rock with a twist of electronic lemon but then shocked with some subtle pop punk roots. Lead singer and primary songwriter Jordan McDonald describes his influences as many. "I listen to anything from Classified, Say Anything, Page France to even Metallica. I've never really claimed to be a genre-ist." The surprising thing is that other members of the band share the same feelings. Cam Thorpe, bass guitar, was a member in Canadian hardcore band Oceans Over Arcane. Bringing the dynamic of differing styles together has made a soup of sounds that is The Me Monster. The band known for it's fun, tight, and high energy show has toured western canada extensively twice in 2009 with plans of a three month Canadian tour for 2010. Most recently the band is working on releasing a music video for HD Sunglasses and two new singles for commercial radio.


HD Sunglasses

Written By: Jordan McDonald

key: D major
tempo: 200bpm.... @149- switch to 130bpm

I lick your venom up I'm not sure if it's edible
Your arms they are too wide but they go well with your tentaticles
you're squeezing the life from me and what over drugs
it's amazing what you can think of under that cover up
because your eyes are wide it is a brilliant lie to
tell your friends you are so proud of what you've done with your life
you're squirming and turning on the P.C
anxious to tell someone that you're dating me
because on pedestals you managed to rebuild under me
some confidential confidence of secrets I couldn't keep
I took some special things from you can't have back
Our lives in train stations on different tracks
and on your web yes you caught me but who's stuck underneath
the skeletons of past relationships that you couldn't keep
keep fighting for attention when it pours when it rains
you can blame that on me I killed your dandy long legs
and at first I picked apart your limbs from the whole
to make you suffer lots I was sure to break the flesh from the bone
I was equally surprised by your counter attack
recruiting a friend of mine to take a stab at my back
you often said you didn't know what you'd do with out me
turns out you did and all this time you had a plan B
so make me suffer like a sucker till my head gets a shake
it's your fault not mine that I was easy to replace

Oh why did I do something wrong
will this all heal in time
did you think I carried on
but you got carried away
I'll tell my friends it's fine
but you know and I know that it's better
I wish I hadn't ever lost my head AND
started this with you

with you I felt so warm
with you I felt so warm

Your spiderweb led six men to death
who should've never left their habitats
I'll suffer for you on their behalf
cause I'm a sucker for it
you know I'm a sucker for it

Sucker for it

Rock The Boat

Written By: Jordan McDonald

key: Bb Major
tempo: 140bpm

I think that you like me
I think I like you too
Not sure about that boyfriend of yours
but what am I supposed to do

Cause hey we're so lucky
how could things ever change
when you're out with him
I miss your name and face
But but but

Hey dude I think your girlfriend just texts me
till she comes and collects me
and what am I supposed to do
defy man kind god damn she's too sexy
it was wrong to do that you dude

My lips are endorphins
Oh does that turn you on
Just bite your lip if you feel the same
I steal you away from everyone
I've got your needs and what you want
But but but

Hey you you've got my heart like a methfiend
I know we're just friendly but I'm addicted to you too
warm nights spent with you they're not ending
there's drama in our jeans but I just had to

Rock the boat
and speaking up you know
was the hardest part in your great speech
deleting him and choosing me

Because I can't stand hiding in basements
when I can't go in public with you yet
He just needs some new information
tell him that you found someone new

Talk it up of fate and constellations
These stars align when I'm with you
Besides your eyes are mine and I'm diving in
I can't wait to swim in the deep end of you


Make A Sound (Single) - February 2010

Best of Friends (Single) - January 2010

Metro - September 2009

The Me Monster EP - January 2009

Set List

The me monster is capable of accommodating any set length with in a reasonable amount of time. The Me Monsters programmed set generally runs 50 minutes in length. The Me Monster is also capable of acoustic and electric sets.

All Original music. Sometimes the odd cover.