The Mendition of the Quay

The Mendition of the Quay


The Mendition of the Quay plays good old-fashioned garage/psychedelic rock that pays tribute to their countless influences while crafting a wholly unique sound. No covers from the Quay, only original tunes that are stained with the blood, sweat, and tears of these young muzos.


The Mendition of the Quay is a four-piece psych-pop group from Connecticut. The two founders, lifelong pals David Elliott (who you may have seen behind the counter at Replay Records in Hamden, CT) and Justin Martell (author of the upcoming definitive biography of pop culture icon Tiny Tim), have spent their lives scouring every record shop they could get to for 60's pop, garage and psychedelic sounds. After devouring everything from Gary Lewis & The Playboys to The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, the members of the Quay have crafted an album that plays to their influences while still maintaining a sense of identity and originality.


Hear Is ... The Mendition of the Quay (2012, LP)

Set List

Our setlist varies from show-to-show, but is generally 30-45 minutes long and consists entirely of original material.