The Mercury Project

The Mercury Project

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Think of what happens when you take elements of rock, funk, and reggae and infuse it with other ingredients like jazz harmony, intelligent hip hop, and latin/african rhythms. It just works. The crowd never stops jumpin'!!


Blending the styles of hip-hop, jazz, blues, latin, reggae, folk, and straight ahead rock, The Mercury Project succeeds in creating a sound entirely their own. The group achieves an eclectic mix full of rich vocal harmonies, lyrical intelligence, and surprising versatility in both style and instrumentation.

In December of 2004, The Mercury Project won Lewis & Floorwax's "Last Band Standing." And was heard by over 300,000 listeners on a clear channel radio station (103.5 the Fox) for 2 consecutive weeks.

In November of 2004 The Mercury Project released their second album, Soapbox Jive, to a sold out show of well over 600 people at one of Denver’s premier music venues, Herman’s Hideaway. Soapbox Jive is an 18-track genre masher that explores various styles with the musicianship and flare that fans and critics have come to expect from The Mercury Project. This album “borrows from the Squirrel Nut Zippers' jump-jiving fun, Tom Waits' smoky croon, Paul Simon's smart use of world beats and the jazzy foundation of Herbie Hancock or Steely Dan. This is an ambitious, easy-to-digest CD tailor-made for eclectic-music lovers.” (The Denver Post, 11/28/04)

“Soapbox Jive is a definite classic.” (The Westword, 11/21/04)

In the fall of 2002, The Mercury Project entered into the Post-News Battle of the Bands. Over 150 bands from all over the state of Colorado competed in this grueling test of promotion and performance. On November 27th, at the pinnacle of statewide talent, The Mercury Project emerged victorious, taking with them a slue of new fans. Since 2001, The Mercury Project has quickly become one of Colorado’s top bands. They paid their dues at local’s launches and open mic nights and have since secured headlining spots at some of Colorado's great venues; The Gothic Theatre and Herman’s Hideaway. They have also headlined at Denver’s prestigious “People’s Fair,” as well as opened for national acts such as The Ohio Players, Steel Pulse, and Joan Osborne at Denver’s most esteemed event, “AT&T LoDo Music Festival.

Delivering a powerful performance every time they take the stage, The Project hypnotizes the audience with their progressive music and magnetic energy. “The energy and absolute joy that this band exudes on stage is dangerously infectious.” (Judy the Voice,

Shocking fans and critics alike in 2000 with their self-produced debut in album “A World Exists,” The Mercury Project stays true to their melodic variety by creating a musical experience that ranges from the sublime to the abrasive. Their innate sense of melody and lyrical hooks ensnare the listener from the onset of the album. “The opening track, “Time,” is so strong I’m surprised that it isn’t all over mainstream radio.” (Judith Brady, Go-Go Magazine)


Higher Ground

Written By: C. Vincent Plummer/Jason Duffy

Most people say we got a lost to lose
If everybody lose their way
But I say we got a lot to win
If everybody lose their heads.
I’ve traveled over hill and stream to find my home
I’ll be the one to make you sing
This time it’s on.
We’ve got a to win a lot to lose along the way.

Rain down
Can you hear the sound?
Truth not often found…
Go, be gone, get in front of it.
The light is there.
Go, be gone, or catch none of it.
I’ll show you where.

We the people
Need the people
Lead the people
Up upon a higher ground.

Searchin’ for the answer but I hope I never find out
What it is they say go lookin’ for a “fiddle-y-fee my minds out”
I’ve traveled over hill and stream to find my home
I’ll be the one to make you sing
This time it’s on.
We’ve got a to win a lot to lose along the way.
Up upon a higher ground.



Jump Blues

Written By: Jason Duffy

Now I’ve remained, faithful and true.
But Lazy… Staring off into the afternoon.
And I wait for you won’t you wait for me to recognize
And I’ve tried so many times. I just could not break away.

And faced with the truth..
I need more time to think things over
If it wasn’t for you
I’d have been done so long ago.

And everyday you… Take a little more away from me
And everyday you…breed a little more insensitivity

Fenced In

Written By: C. Vincent Plummer

2000 years of successful exploitation of other nations.
A generation of agitation waiting to explode…
My current mental occupation.
Is that they stopped up the commode
Where do we go? When America rode through
With this heavy load of nuclear pie ala mode?
People are dead upon the road.
A product of hate sewed.
Age-old story told.
Now the black gold
Got billfold’s

Livin’ in a bubble. Planets in trouble.
All I see is ash and rubble.
A world of 3.5 billion used to be doubled.
No bees bumble, the towers crumble.
The seas rumble. I heard this cat mumble
Unintelligently at me. Wanted to get free
I tried to show him what he couldn’t see.
A life above the canopy. Man, it could be
Nice to be free. Sippin’ tea with three
cats that barely look like me.

Can you see… These fences have shattered
The Love in Me.
Walls thrown up.
We’re blinded by genuine apathy.

Livin’ in a realm surrounded by barbwire and painted borders.
Imaginary lines drawn from headquarters
of those that hate the unknown, yet they give orders.
Lock you up for the homegrown..
Leave me alone Mr. Policeman.
I like to have people over to mi casa
I ain’t part of no Taliban.
No son of Sam. Ain’t in ridin’ around here in a minivan
No nine clickin’ in my hand.

Entangled in your web of lies.
Walk to your face
Rip down the disguise
With a pair of pliers.
Do not admire
Your whole attire
your desire to set fires?
While politicking’ liers
They conspire…
1984 knockin’ at door
and you’re a slave to the chores
of your brave corporate wars.
Til’ there’s pavement on the shore
Only til’ Lion of Zion roars.
Adjustin’ the final scores.



Written By: C. Vincent Plummer/Jason Duffy

She could seduce seduction
With the way she moves…
A verbal love concussion
With the words she uses…
Changed my heart percussion
A love suction
A funky craze…
Known for stress reduction
Halt production
Give the blues for days…

Fine as wine good lookin’
Man, you know she fly…
On the floor she’s cookin’
Twitter pate the eye…
Intellect just kills me
Her sweetness chills me
Have me beg for more…
Her smell fulfills me
Her love unreels me
Then slams the door…

She got the moves, she got seduction in her eyes
And every time she moves it makes me want to loose my mind
She’s got the will, she’s got the way, she’s got the style
She’s gonna be somebody tonight

She got the moves, she got seduction in her eyes
And every time she moves it makes me want to loose my mind
She’s got the will, she’s got the way, she’s got the style
She’s gonna be somebody tonight

Say you will…
Say you will…
Say you will…


Written By: C. Vincent Plummer/Jason Duffy

Said I was shot down and I refused to help myself
I’m alone and it’s a cruel one.
Yes I been up this river before…
And it only goes upstream.
It’s their fault that I don’t win. Guess I’ll choke.
I won’t begin again and even make a change…
This Karma Cosmic door is so heavy..
I’m stuck in this paradigm.

Oh but if I wanted to, I couldn’t express to you
How it turns me on to watch thUnderdoGG, rise to the top.
Oh but if my heart be true, I’d say to wake up and get a clue
If you pass the buck, then the boat will miss you too.

Illustrious, with a broken heart
Long ago the time was lost
Where he could find his way
Through the madness of the day
So clearly that it’s not his fault.
Repressed, depressed, confused, not moved
Into his life and his pain
That’s got him feeling bad again
So every day he drudge along
So quick to pass that buck head strong
Into a life mundane
Monday time to move again
Tomorrow it’s that same sad song
Dragging hope. To his heart belongs
The weight of disdain
But he’s got no time for change.

The carpet ride is gray and dreary
Where you see magical restraints
And another fish hurts but pain is clearly
The obstacle of his complaints.

It’s on again these hands are tied. I feel my back is broken down.
(But you never worked for anything in your whole life.)
My vision scattered I think I’ll die. My questions unanswered.
(But you never asked the question. Why?)
I curse you for my shortcomings. I only fell short at another man’s race.
(But at the starting gun. You refused to run.)
Lost in a kaleidoscopic looking glass.
(But the colors are – L O S T )



Written By: Jason Duffy

Every time, I’m reaching out to find some direction inside
And every time, you seem to find me here
But where is here is not so clear
Then the moment comes, its finally time
Our souls connect, your heart in mine
We Dance…. We Dancin’

I’m reaching out
Without your touch it feels so empty
So dark, So empty.

I try to understand it, but I keep falling
Farther and farther it seems
And when she’s with me, nothing could slow us down
And if the time comes for us to fly away
Ill take faith in the love that’s changed everything
About how I feel today.

Too many times we fail to speak our minds.
We keep it bottled up inside but every time
I hope we find its clear, clear that we have nothing to fear
Then the moment comes its finally time our souls connect, your heart in mine
We Dance….. We Dancin’

I’m reaching out
Without your touch it feels so empty
So dark, So empty.

Another time, another place.
Could we be?
I don’t wanna take that chance you see
Why can’t it be
Just you and me
Do this dancing thing
We dance….. we dancin’.


LP: "Soapbox Jive" 2004 (Brother Zero Records)

Jump Blues
Higher Ground
Love Bombs
City Lights Interlude
Fenced In
We Likes
The More You Know...
Even If
Chopin's Naked Promenade
Where's My Vodka?
Bitter End

LP: "A World Exists" 2002 (Brother Zero Records)

Pura Vida
Ol' Mac Brown
Hey You
Basement Psychiatry
So Low
Suburban Life
Before Tomorrow

EP: "The Mercury Project" 2000 (Unreleased)

Empty Bottle
Pura Vida
My Way

Airplay: Clearchannel Colorado Region includes:

103.5 FM The Fox - Lewis and Floorwax
97.3 FM KBCO (Studio C)
93.3 FM KTCL
99.5 FM KQMT The Mountain
Radio 1190 AM

College Radio Stations - Some National/Regional

Set List

From “Soapbox Jive”

Jump Blues - Jump Blues
Higher Ground - Afro Pop
Love Bombs - Hip Hop/Reggae
Seduction - Funk/Trippy Disco
Refuge - Rock
Fenced In - Hip Hop
We Likes - Rock
Even If - Rock Ballad
Mongo - Ska/Reggae
Window - Rock
Stand - Funk/Hip Hop
Dancin’ - Rock
Vodka? - Hip Hop
thUnderdogg - Latin/Funk
Bitter End - Rock Ballad

From “A World Exists”

Time - Folk/Rock
Pura Vida - Reggae/Pop
Ol’ Mac Brown - Ska/Reggae
Hey You - Rock/Polka
Basement Psychiatry - Hip Hop/Rock
So Low - Blues/Rock
Restless - Latin/Rock
Monkey - Funk/Pop
America - Acid Jazz
Suburban Life - Hip Hop/Funk
Relapse - Techno
Before Tomorrow - Rock Ballad


Brush your shoulders off, 99 problems, Big Pimpin' - Jay Z Medly
Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
Sex Machine - James Brown
Paint it Black - The Rolling Stones
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Santería - Sublime
Could U Be Loved - Bob Marley
So Much Trouble - Bob Marley
Clandestino - Manu