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"Producer and Booking Agent Comment"

What producers and booking agents have said about THE MERCURY RETROGRADE……….

“ The Mercury Retrograde gives new meaning to the term ‘rock show.’ It’s great that the younger generation is taking steps to do more than just play instruments and give you a show on top of a top notch rock and roll performance. You will walk away with a TMR song stuck in your head by the end of the night….”
Tom Gutches, Booking Agent, Down Front Productions, books The Newport, The Basement and Lifestyles Communities Pavilion

“ They are surprisingly innovative and talented for such a young group… really good songwriters….”
Dan Green, Music Producer, Amerisound Studio

“ Working with them on the record (Elements) was nothing short of a great time. The Mercury Retrograde is quite impressive because they are young, yet they bring a very mature creative sound to the table….”
Tommy Cappel, Recording Engineer and Producer

“ I’ve booked the biggest national acts, yet when I saw these kids I saw some of the biggest potential I’ve ever seen. I thought they could play for a high school market and also a national market. I know they are going to be huge….”
Jeff Rosenbloom, booking agent for The Blues Station, Ugly Tuna and other local venues.

“ The Mercury Retrograde is emerging as breakthrough talent among the young bands in the Columbus independent music scene with an edgy energy that grabs you fast.”
Dave Kale, Shot or Not Co-Founder, Director of Artist Recruitment and
- Producer and Booking Agent Comments


Gold Standard
Ladies Downtown
Little Girl
Y U Gotta B So Bad
Black Candle

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Let me introduce you to the best new band you've never heard of. They're The Mercury Retrograde, and they've got what it takes to rock your world.
To begin with, "we don't sound like anybody else," says lead guitarist Kevin Brennan. Indeed, when these four musicians take to the stage, "They are," as one music business insider commented, "a breath of fresh air."
Creatively, these young players are breathing new life into the Columbus, Ohio rock scene, with their fresh take on a classic rock vibe. Kevin Brennan, Remy Brommer, Ethan Schiff and Daniel Zabludovsky are blending their unique interpretations of rock to produce one of the most compelling and memorable rock catalogs on the scene today.
Carrying on the great traditions of rock and roll
From the start, the band has been more focused on doing their own music than on playing covers. Remy and Daniel write the songs; Kevin and Ethan lay in the guitar and drum tracks. It's a group effort that has produced results as good as any band in the business.
Plus, they put on a great gig. As a group, and individually, they're cool, smart and funny, and they pull the audience in with their humor and genuine accessibilty. There's no doubt that they're having a great time when they lock into a groove on stage.
And so is the audience. An audience which is interestingly diverse. Not just in a multi-cultural sense, but also in a generational dynamic. Sure, they've attracted the expected following of kids their own age, but their fan base has a diverse range of rock lovers, from the college crowd to baby boomer geezers.
What unites the audience is an appreciation for a kind of musicality that reflects the sound of the band's influences: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and others. Then they ratchet it up a notch or two, infusing the sound with their unique sense of timing, harmony and lyrics, killer riffs and amped up guitar licks. Like many great bands before them, they have built on the traditions of rock, but made their sound their own.
The result is a sound you can't get out of your head after a show, a song you find yourself singing in the car until it drives you nuts. They're that infectious. And they pull you in quickly; they grab you right away. You hear it once and you're hooked. To quote the classic rock anthem "White Rabbit", these songs "feed your head."
From grimy campus dive bars, to the legendary Newport Music Hall, to Comfest, the largest non-profit music festival in the midwest, their fans have grooved to the sound that consistantly delivers it's promise of driving, climatic rock.

Written by: Terri Littleton

Contact information:
Ann Brennan

Note: The band members all attend different colleges, Ohio State, NYU and Columbia Music School in Chicago, so that is why they have not scheduled many shows on the calendar during the school year. They are looking forward to playing lots of shows this summer and are available for booking some during the school year also.