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the Merediths


The Merediths are passionate about music. We'll conceed our love for the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, while at the same time can't get enough Radiohead, Pixies, and Grandaddy. We believe in writing accessible pop songs and elevating them to something more.


The Merediths
Sunshine Saved My Life
515 South Fourth Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 432-2834

Though in their early twenties, the members of The Merediths have collectively been involved in the Louisville music scene for over fifteen years in local bands such as Ten to Midnight, the Lynnwoods, and the Audio Video Club. In their first six months together, the band self-engineered, self-produced and self-released a seven song EP garnering praise from reviewers and fans alike. They toured regionally while developing a 29 song repertoire, with over 20 of their songs already recorded and pre-mixed at Downtown Recording and in their home studio.

Bringing a fresh face to indie rock, the band gained momentum with all original music and a crisp four piece accompaniment. Their initial EP received airplay on the University of Louisville radio station, helping to secure local venues and build up the fan base. As a regular name on the MySpace Top Artists listing, the Merediths are now spreading beyond
the Midwest, with enthusiastic fans from across the United States and Canada.

The Merediths are Joe Meredith (vocals, guitar), Jesse Lucas (bass), Jonathan York (keyboards) and Brian Haulter (drums). They are passionate about all music and will concede their love for classics such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and T-Rex. At the same time, they can’t get enough of contemporary acts like Radiohead, the Pixies, Sparklehorse, and Grandaddy, and are not afraid to reflect their influences while defining their own unique sound.

Their second release, the three song demo Sunshine Saved My Life was a watershed event for the band. With greater focus on production and arrangement, the songs on Sunshine... represent a tighter direction and higher standard of musicianship. It opens with Marmalade Maggie, featuring the Merediths at their most melodic, an homage to their classic roots. Cruel Kind of Love harkens back to the band’s original style, with the vocal calls of insanity that helped them break out in the local scene. Studio musician Mark Noderer provides cello and additional string arrangement for Homo Erectus, crafting a surprisingly mature and delicate sound for a young rock band.

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A Closed Universe (Debauchery Records)

Sunshine Saved My Life (CD Demo)

Radio Airplay:

Marmalade Maggie
Cruel Kind of Love
Homo Erectus

Set List

Usual set is 30 - 45 minutes

1. Right There
2. Cruel Kind of Love
3. Tequila
4. Homo Erectus
5. Lights Out
6. Let’s All Live Underground
7. Sunshine Saved My Life
8. Marmalade Maggie
9. Ventriloquist

The Turtles - Elenore