The Mermaids Danceband

The Mermaids Danceband


Three glamorous female cover singers performing beloved pop music from the 1960s to the "noughties". Designed to rock your party, festival or corporate event. Accompanied by respect New Zealand guitarist/recording artist Martin Winch.


Established 1997 this band has entertained all around New Zealand at festivals, weddings, conferences, launches etc., Members of the band are recording artists, one is a winner of Pops Ultimate Star (TV show pitting former winners of NZ Idol against eachother), with several platinum albums between them.


The Cocktail Song

Written By: Pauline Berry/Martin Winch

1) Tell your friends you'll be a while, island life is calling,
you deserve a break
Summer haze and blue skies, bikinis and jandals,
lying by the pool
relax and let it be, just swoon, in the afternoon

2) Suddenly its very clear, the afternoons already here, you're feeling really happy
There's flowers in your hair, grains of sand between your toes - You're wearing next to nothing
you'll melt like caramello chocolate, in the afternoon

CHORUS: (then have a)
Long Island Iced Tea, makes you feel alright
Tequila, vodka, bacardi - gin and coca cola, tomorrow - we'll need - coffee

3) Underneath the sea, there's another you and me - I could be your mermaid
Its kinda cool below and baby you know the secrets of the sea
And its our very own sunset, going down tonight


Famous covers plus the suitable party original or two.

Set List

From Bacharach to Beyonce, but also the B52s, Rolling Stones, 80s music, especially female vocal dance/three part harmony. We do up to three x 40 minute sets to get your party happening