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Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria | INDIE

Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria | INDIE
Band Jazz Pop


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"The Merry Poppins - Inspector Malosso - Scream Records (2009)"

Hailing from Austria, The Merry Poppins' second album, Inspector Maloso, provided lively entertaining listening. It appears the band have fashioned themselves on playing and fusing together many different styles resulting in a unique 'glocalised' sound of their own.

The majority of the songs have a stylised cabaret flavour with interesting horn riffs complementing the walking bass line nicely. The first and second song Bob and Mr Popkin, bop along light heartedly with lyrics that seem to give insight into the two characters scrutinized in each song.

The name gives Opium Desert away, a highlight of the album, where a cruisey guitar encourages immersion in the song, to not let the song play out would be a sin as the sound of Balkan horns at the end is pleasing for all. In Ragamuffin everything was going swimmingly - one of the more reggae influenced songs on the album - until it broke down into a less desirable rap of sorts.

Dancing Through the Night and Candy return to the cabaret and both are a toe-tapping good time. The saxophone provides the driving force in Gernots Hook, a song which switches from cabaret to chaotic jazz several times during the song, in one bout of chaotic jazz the organ player schools it well and truly. Wedding Queen was a real treat, the melancholic vocals give a perfect contrast to the upbeat Balkan ska tune.

The obligatory change-up in style is used effectively in evoking appreciation from the listener as the original tune effortlessly begins once again. Partisan is a pleasant reggae number, a reflective love song where the singer sings of his girl back home. Chinese Bar uses the same rhythm as Opium Desert which is certainly warranted. This version is a little more laid back with different lyrics which take the listener on a journey through streets and bars.

I found the album enjoyable and would recommend it. It is important to give credit where credit is due so good on those wacky Austrians for providing a likkle tweak. - Niceup Crew, one of the major Reggae platforms of Aotearoa New Zealand


Still working on that hot first release.



Roadtrips on the Balkans, concerts in Cairo, Qena, Moscow, Jerusalem, Almaty, Bishkek - or down by the River Jordan, and a whole lot of other stuff - like the club concert & party series Klub Mildenburg - is what makes the merry poppins special.

Their vivid mix of styles that is expressed in their originals can not be pigeonholed. The majority of the songs have a stylized cabaret flavor with interesting horn riffs complementing the walking bass line nicely. What people have called it? Here's just a few: Klezmer, Rhythm & Blues, Swing, Dixie, Urban Roots Reggae, Ska, Balkans Pop, Jive, Polka, Ragtime, Country & Western, After Hours-Jazz, - A groovy glocalized mix that has already seduced quite a few people to a dance' thru the night: 

Within the last couple of years, the band has advanced from an insiders tip to a hot international stage act. Following numerous shows in all kinds of venues, from skanky Jazz clubs to posh castle-resorts, the merry poppins have been invited to play at the International Bansko Jazz Festival 2008 & 12 (Bulgaria), the International Saalfelden Jazzfestival 2008 & 11 (Austria), at Cairo Jazz Festival (Egypt) in 2010 and at Bucharest Europafest in 2011. They have toured Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, France, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

After the successful release of their debut-album Mildenburg 11, the merry poppins came out with their second album Inspector Malosso in 2009 and in 2011, their first Live album (the merry poppins - Live in Moscow) dropped.