The Methods

The Methods


Ambient Alternative Rock. A mixture of dark ethereal melodies inside a thick layer and spacey structure of harmony. Somewhat like the ambience of Radiohead, flow of Coldplay, and slight harmony of Doves.


Interview by David A. Cobb
As featured on "Houston Calling" (
Sept. 27, 2004
"The Methods were simply incredible. This foursome's sound is reminiscent of Radiohead at times, but really only in the manner of their spacey guitars. After catching The Methods live a few times this year, I can honestly say that they're a great live act and a band that seems to not have any air of pretension about them. They put on an excellent show and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. A great find."
How did The Methods get started?
We felt like there was a vast amount of brilliant music the radio was not playing that we were drawn to. We were guys yearning to make creative and emotional music. It was a miracle how we discoverd one another -- one's from Chicago, one was discovered off the internet, and the other was introduced to us via another band.
What do you consider to be your musical influences?
Our influences combined hits a wide spectrum of genres ranging from Classical (Stravinsky, Chopin), Ambient (Cocteau Twins, Ester Drang), British-Pop (Coldplay, Doves, Radiohead, Delirious), Electronic-Orchestra (Bjork), Rock (Blindside, Smashing Pumpkins, Pedro The Lion, Fugazi), and a few hundred more.
You guys just started playing gigs around town less than a year ago. You've played everything from churches to coffee houses to clubs and even at U of H. How has your music been received in Houston so far?
From what we've experienced, there seems to be a consensus that our music tends to find a warmer reception with creative-type concert-goers; painters, poets, and other musicians and bands.
How would you best describe the sound of The Methods?
The Methods' sound is designed to reflect a "dark but melodic" mood--designed upon sound texture while creating an ambience hopefully not losing musical intensity.
Continuing that last question--what do you think about the music scene in Houston?
For starters, the music scene in Houston is so spread out, although the clubs in and around the underground districts seem to be a staple for bands like us. Houston in general seems to favor folk-rock and alternative bands. Anything ambient and experimental seems to find its home in the underground. However, it's getting more attention with the advent of indie bands coming together creating events like Dreamfest.
What's your take on the state of the music industry as a whole?
As for our take on the music industry, there seems to be a feeling that every band signed on to a major is almost guaranteed to have their CD produced in cookie cutter fashion. We think this is great because people are getting bored with the superficial, canned sound and looking in more obscure directions. Being an unsigned band, we feel like we are blessed because we have complete freedom to stay true to our musical selves and produce songs without conforming to a "sound standard" by some label controlled by some corporation ---- you know, the anonymous idea of having "artisitc freedom" as individuals and as a band.
Your songs seem to have a really positive message. How does your spirituality play into The Methods' music?
Our faith as Christians play an intricate part within our music. Faith has given us stability during all the shifting our emotions put us through. Injecting this reality into our songs is especially important since it is a reflection of our human nature. Like Hurricane Carter once said "...bitterness consumes the vessel that contains it" so the need to to replace "hopelessness" with "Hope" is a vital topic for us. We wouldn't want anyone to "feel" things couldn't get better.
Are you for or against the MP3 "revolution"? How are you using the internet as a tool to market yourself?
It's obvious we have to agree that downloading copyrighted material is theft of intellectual property--but at the same time, the "MP3-revolutionaries" ironically are providing an indirect platform for "underground marketing" of unknown/unsigned artists. For example, almost all results from an MP3 search end up inadvertently listing unknown artist(s); bringing attention to their existence. We think the internet is an extremely important platform for us to let people outside of Houston hear The Methods' materials by downloading songs off the site and obtaining information about the band.
What's in store for The Methods in 2004?
After finishing up our debut CD and playing a vast number of local gigs, we're so ready for new songs and continuing our desire to refine our sound --- especially after meeting so many great and creative bands who have been more than inspiring and really supportive of the independent music scene.



Written By: The Methods

I was running
And I was hiding
From the words I had said

I was dying
I was grieving
And now my heart is breaking

Deep into the water I was
Safer in your arms I'd rather stay
Deep into the water I was

You were bleeding
You were dying
You were hanging all alone

You are lovin'
Such a lovin'
And You are God's romance

Safe within your arms, I'll stay...


Written By: The Methods

Here we are in the clumps of pain
Working, despairing in vain
Lost in space
Sinking in the ocean of thought

My sanctuary has broken down
Leaving me in pain on the ground
Grieve in tears
Unveiled the secret of the heart

Work my way to my redemption
Die with lamentation
I'm in vain
Sinking in the ocean of sere

Who could save my soul?
Who could unveil my past?
Who could heal my brokenness?
And unveil the secret of the heart?

You are the One who save my soul
And the Redeemer of my soul
You break all chains of my sins
And bring me back to your Throne

Save me

Written By: the Methods

Lay down my head on a pillow
Rest my mind at night
I try to find some comfort
On the shore of love

Give me a courage to go on
For my heart and my soul
I'm drowning in despair
Relentless in Your grace

Save me when the music fades
My heart's cry out to You
Save me when my hope's run out
Nothing to hide

Give me a light to see
I'm drowning in
The debt of self-conflicting
I'm pleading for help

Give me a way out
I cry unto You


Realized Amidst Sorrow, 2004

Set List

30 min set list:
*. Invitational
1. In the night
2. Distorted
3. It is well
4. Static
5. Unveiled
6. Save me

45 min set list:
*. Invitational
1. In the night
2. Distorted
3. Static
4. From here
5. Unveiled
6. It is well
7. Save me