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Burbank, California, United States | SELF

Burbank, California, United States | SELF
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"[Q + A] with Under The Industry and Metrognome"

As soon as we listened to them, we liked them. Metrognome has a wide range of influences, sparking something unique, yet very easy to listen to, so we decided to do a small Q+A with them. Look below to find out more about this excellent band. - Under The Industry


[2011_03-25] Hornbook EP
- self-release, limited first print of 100 copies
- entire EP completed in their lockout studio
- an introduction to the music and the journey
- six tracks of music, written and performed by the instrumental 5-piece
- each musical track is preceded by its own narrative; each one introducing each of the five characters and the story itself
- available to stream or be downloaded on the band's Bandcamp site

[2011_10-22] ....and then there were six.
- periodic self-releases
- tracks from the Hornbook EP will have vocals incorporated and updated versions of each track will be released periodically
- the first track released, questions, and an answer [2011_10-22], creates massive response and support by fans
- the second track release, patience in battle [2011_11-08], is sure to exhibit the range of the band and and the singer



Metrognome is a group of six individuals who get together to write and play music that is as progressive as it is original. There’s never anything ordinary about Prog, and Metrognome wouldn’t have it any other way. With a cast of whimsical gnomes gone awry and a story that will come to a close as familiar lore for those with an open mind, Metrognome experiments with the various musical influences that each member brings to the band. Follow Metrognome through their journey with the gnomes, and join them in their continual journey through the music scene.

things sometimes happen.

Metrognome was formed in between the rehearsals and shows of two completely different bands. Hayg Terzian (drums) was playing lead guitar in a death metal band and, on a simple and routine break from the evil, decided to visit Araz Barsegian (guitars) and Edd Yeganian (bass) in their place of alternative rock. No one knows exactly when, but death metal wasn’t so dead anymore and there was a conventional feeling growing towards alternative rock. But the three were sure of one thing: Prog!!

things definitely could happen.

On 9-9-9, the three-piece performed three pieces of music. The response that was received drove Metrognome on a momentous path to complete the sound that they were creating. Off they went to search for the additional members.
The first find of the search: Narek Torosyan (keys). Narek joined the band seamlessly; bringing his knowledge of music and his ambition to create. And after searching for a guitarist for quite some time, the four welcomed John-Paul Fernandes (guitars). JP, who played rhythm guitar with Hayg in their death metal band and was currently playing in a prog-project, jumped on with the rest and completed the musical sound that everyone was striving to achieve. JP brings energy and guitar methods found in heavier music, which is elaborated upon and polished, to work with and push forward the progressive sound that Metrognome produces.

things did happen.

With the five members constantly making noise in the studio, things were bound to happen. on 10-10-10, metrognome performed as a five-piece. In the next few months, enough material was written for an EP. recording began on the last day of February, and the EP was released at the Key Club in Los Angeles, on March 25, 2011. Entitled "Hornbook," Metrognome allowed the EP to serve purpose as an introduction to the band and the journey itself

....and then there were six.

The search was definitely not straightforward. With five members already having so much energy invested in the band, they knew that deciding on the sixth would be a taxing ordeal. Tryouts began shortly after the release of Hornbook, and continued on for quite some time. Ryan Groves (vocals) had been coming by the studio since May; and, while it was a tough road, all six felt the prospect of a great addition to the band. And then, on September 1, 2011, there were six.