The Michael Craig Band

The Michael Craig Band


The Michael Craig Band has always played a brand of music genuine to the eclectic influences they grew up loving. With a unique and collaborative songwriting style the four members from Southern California are already proving they can compete with the growing independent community.


In January, 2008 TMCB found themselves in Dublin, Ireland competing in "Blastspace Records" sponsored worldwide Battle of the Bands. After earning the honor of North American West Coast representatives, the group saw local recognition in Malibu/Los Angeles CA. TMCB was shortly thereafter, offered a recording contract with Blastspace Records. The band currently calls Boston, MA home and is planning a short west coast tour tentatively scheduled for early July.


TMCB has recorded a number of different single and E.P. tracks in Northridge CA. The band has been featured on Indiana University radio with their track "You Took My Heart" . They are currently working on a new single entitled "I Want To Change"

"Stop Talking"-2007

"You Took My Heart"-2006

Set List

"Forget Regret"- 4:00
"Stop Talking"-3:30
"We All Fall"-4:30
"Words(She Said)"-4:30
"I Wanna Change"-3:30
"Infant Skeptic"-4:00
"This Town"-4:00
"The Gnu Song"-3:00

"Helter Skelter"-The Beatles
"Indie Rock 'N Roll"-The Killers
"Rebellion(Lies)"-Arcade Fire
"Don't Let Me Down"-The Beatles
"Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is"-Oasis
"Don't Look Back In Anger"-Oasis
"Fever Dog"-(Stillwater) from Almost Famous