The Michael Goodman Experience

The Michael Goodman Experience


If you ever wondered what Carl Perkins, Waylon Jennings, and Buck Owens would taste like if they were deep fried at a State Fair then you got a hunger for The Michael Goodman Experience. The MGE is bonafide Kentucky Fried Tonk at its best, with original tunes that will tonk you to your core


Michael Goodman's love of american roots music stems from his childhood mentor, the legendary Bill Monroe. Since his teens years Michael has been cultivating his sound he calls "Kentucky Fried Tonk" which is heavily influenced by the hills of his home state of Kentucky. Michael's latest album "Unbreakable Heart" is the culmination of his many years of musical exploration. Over the years Michael has collaborated with many great songwriters and also written some hundred songs on his own. For the last two years Michael has been performing eight shows a week with the Broadway Show "Million Dollar Quartet" in Chicago as an understudy for Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.


"Unbreakable Heart" 2013

2.Kissed A Lot
3.Unbreakable Heart
4.Drinking About You
5.Everly Ave.
6. Cock Block Ninja
7. Why Don't You Love Me
8. I'm Just Country
9.Lonesome Road
10.I Love Women
11.Carrying On What Nashville Left Behind
12.Lyin' Cryin'
13.Old Damn Games

"Bluegrass Gospel" 2010

1. Old Rugged Cross
2. Five Flat Rocks
3.Farther Along
4.Get Down On Your Knees and Pray
5.Working on a Building
6.Higher Than I've Ever Been
7.Beulah Land
8.Heaven's Jubilee
9.Lost as a Ball in High Weeds
10.Who Am I

"Somewhere South of Goodbye" 2000

1. One I've Been Waiting For
3.New York Minute
4.Somewhere South of Goodbye
5.Girl in the Z-28
6.Till I Found You
7. Layin' Low
8.I Don't Know Why I Love You
9.I Wanna Marry You
10.Not Living Like I Used To

Set List

Kissed A Lot (orig.)
I'm Just Country (orig.)
Unbreakable Heart (orig.)
Why Don't You Love Me (orig.)
Everly Ave. (orig.)
Carrying On What Nashville Left Behind (orig.)
I Love Women (orig.)
Lonesome Road (orig.)
Cock Block Ninja (orig.)
Drinking About You (orig.)
Lyin' Cryin' (orig.)
Old Damn Games (orig.)
Girl in the Z-28 (orig.)
Put Your Cat Clothes On
Meat Man
Brown Eyed Handsome Man
Get Rhythm
Cocaine Blues
All the Whiskey in Kentucky
Boppin' the Blues
Stand on it
Honky Tonk Song
Heartaches by the number
Hello Trouble
Together Again
Lonesome Onry and Mean
Can't You Hear Me Calling