The Michael Law Band

The Michael Law Band


If Michael Jackson & Alanis Morrisette had a love child...the result would be Michael Law :)


Michael Law, a songwriter whose creative talents have neither bounds nor limits treading the fine line between commercialism and realistic honesty. He is a rare talent, a brilliant lyricist and melody expert whose songs inspire and profoundly affect not just the human mind but also the essence of its spirit.

"Songs are meant to touch, inspire & connect with people and that's what I do" - Michael Law

Michael Law has been listed as top finalists in several national and international songwriting competitions such as The ASA songwriting contest, The Show Me The Music Songwriting Contest, Music Oz, UK songwriting competition just to name a few.

Michael Law's debut music video for "Terrified" was aired on Australian TV with great commercial success, popularity and acclaim from the general public and the Vimeo community.