The Michael Vick Trip

The Michael Vick Trip


World-Experimental featuring Fretless Guitars and Basses with Structured-ImproviZations in Acoustic and Electric atmospheres rich in a melding of original and fundamental Traditions with a Futuristic and comprehensive approach to all Sonics.


Michael Lloyd Vick, aka Michael ATONAL Vick, is an artist, a multi-instrumentalist, a promoter, a music instructor, and, as Guitar Player magazine dubbed him recently, the Ringleader behind the Fretless Guitar Festival. In Asian circles, he is also known as VVV, often with Free-Bananas. He is an accomplished musician on both fretless and fretted guitar and bass, among many instruments in his music arsenal. Although his music education began with the classics on the piano, he quickly discovered and pursued his passion for the guitar, and the rest is history in the making. Some of his major music projects include the Michael Vick Trip band and the WIT’S END group. The last time I checked online, he has 7 albums available for purchase on CD Baby, and that doesn’t even include his numerous contributions to other artists and projects, of which, most notably, is the release of the 2-CD compilation album called “Village of the Unfretted”, featuring music from 35 of the world’s most prominent fretless guitarists. In addition to recording music, Michael also gives master classes, performs at charity events and various live gigs, such as Bass Fight, is an activist for stem cell research, and is heavily involved in the promotion and organization of the annual NYC Fretless Guitar Festival. Along with Jeff Berg of and other talented musicians, Michael has been instrumental in pushing the fretless community into the limelight.

Although one can easily spend a long time listing all of Michael’s accomplishments, it’s much harder to describe Michael and his music in conventional terms because he is ATONAL! He is the kind of musician who will unfret just about anything and everything in his experimentations with sounds, and, in doing so, he creates music that transcends boundaries of traditional genres. For him, it’s not enough just to play music; what’s more important is to create. Technically, I think Michael has the aptitude to outplay many indie musicians and make tons of dough from it, but in my opinion, he chose the more solitary path because a true musician never compromises his creativity and individuality, and, in the end, that’s the most important thing one can have. For the average Joe out there, experimental music will probably never gain the same status as the more generic and easily digestible songs that often populate the charts, but then again, Michael is anything BUT generic. Listening to Michael’s music is a liberating aural experience because his music challenges your ears to hear beyond what is conventional. (Yes, this experience can be both exciting and dangerous.) To me, Michael embodies the spirit of a true indie musician, the one that is always free and unfretted!
(Mikki InterView 2006)



Written By: MAVVVick

Blood-Less-Sores infest my soul....loneliness too. People here don't want to know only follow their rule. My mind, my decaying mind only left to re----search my soul my Blood-Less Sores. Envy my indefinte fate! Enjoy our Free-Bananas NOW!


Just ReLeased :
"Village Of The Unfretted"
"Guitarists 4 The Kids"
"Out: 17 Modern Guitarists Salute Derek Bailey"
All 3 Compilations are with other great Guitarists.... Plus Below are Full VVV CD and DVDs!

Michael ATONAL Vick : UnFret My Heart 2006
(Out Soon)
VVV : FretLess Guitar & Bass w/ MusicaMundana.TV
(CD/DVD) 2005
The Michael Vick Trip : Smell La Mitten / GtrMastW.Vol2 w/ MusicaMundana.TV & WIT’S END
(CD/DVD) 2004
MusicaMundana.TV : Dirty Panties On A Hanger
(CD) 2004
Hectic-Eclectic : GtrMastW.Vol2 w/ MusicaMundana.TV & WIT’S END
(CD ReMastered) 2004
Michael ATONAL Vick : Inciting-Freedom w/ Sampled Loops Of LOVE
(CD) 2003
Free Master-Bass tion : Bass MasterWorks Vol.1 / Soft-Side-Hard LIVE w/ MusicaMundana.TV, The Intergalactic Cowboy & Mr. Amazing
(CD) 2003
MV (SOLO) : Modern Classical/Nylon String Guitar Recital
(CD/DVD) 2003
MusicaMundana.TV “@ La Gates Of Gamelonia”
(CD) 2003
Michael Vick : EDUCATIONAL-GUESSES (A 6 Part Suite)
(CD) 2003
The Michael Vick Trip IMproViZational Blues Band w/ The Intergalactic Cowboy etc....
(DVD/VHS) 2003
Hectic-Eclectic : Guitar MasterWorks Vol.1 w/ MusicaMundana.TV & WIT’S END
(CD) 2002
Michael Vick SOLO Classical/Jazz Guitarist/Bassist
(CD/DVD) 2002
The Michael Vick Trip @ WIT’S END: Live Promo 2002 w/ Ryan Shah +
(CD-R/VHS/CD_Audio) 2002
The Michael Vick Trip : Dynamic-Intentions w/ Marginal-Sleep
(CD) 2001
WIT’S END : No Strings-Safe LIVE
(CD/DVD) 2001
Wayang-Shadow-Puppets LIVE Mezzane
(CD-R) 2001
Atonal-Sampler of The M.V.T. & W.E
(CD) 2001
Cosmos LIVE / MV LIVE @ Fill Your Cup w/ WAYANG
(DVD/VHS) 2001
Performance-Mint Better Than Before w/ Geoff Cormier & WAYANG +
(CD-R/VHS) 2001
The Michael Vick Trip : A Teacher’s Work Is Never Done + E-Food
(CD) 2000
MusicaMundana.TV ImproviZational-Summitt LIVE
(CD) 2000
(CD-R/VHS) 2000
MusicaMundana.TV : VVV/G5 Xmaz-Parade for 1st-Night LIVE
(CD) 2000
The Michael Vick Trip : Floating On A Time-Scale Inbetween
(CD) 1999
WIT’S END : Interjections Part 2
(CD) 1998
MVWE : Outside ‘N Mixin’
(VHS) 1998
WIT’S END : Interjections Part 1
(CD) 1997
The Michael Vick Trip : Because It Takes A Sharp to Make A Flat & Back Again
(CD/Cass) 1997
Mad-Functioning-Box Using Old Methods w/ The Hilton Brothers & W.E.
(VHS) 1995-1997
WIT’S END : Ending 96
(CD/Cass/VHS) 1996
(CD/Cass) 1996
WIT’S END : W.E.=Video
(VHS) 1996
The Michael Vick Trip : Dedicated To The Sound-Spirit/The Itch
(CD/Cass) 1995-1996
WIT’S END : Project-Destruction
(CD/Cass) 1995
The Michael Vick Trip : For Thou Art The Golden-Roman...Go Away!!!”
(CD/Cass) 1991-1994

COMING in 2006 and BeYond
Michael ATONAL Vick : UnFret My Heart w/ G5 on Gamelan + Ryan Shah on Tabla
Bass-Landing w/ Benjamin FUNK Johnson & MC Geoffrey G5C
The Michael Vick Trip : Private SpaceCraft ISSUES w/ G5
BassWasher : Bass MasterWorks Vol.2
MV can also be found on many other Compilations & Artists Recordings................

Set List

1. Introductory Gala/ No Proof Necessary, Yet Given?
2. UnFretted Theme (Lite)
3. UnFretted Theme (Heavy)
4. EpicalKation, Re-Make Of La Dirge (555) + Taxes
5. Walkin' For A Sip O Hen
6. MV Stretch-Out 1/Questionable Acts Of Love?
7. UnFretted Theme (Heavy Reprise)
8. Bassionate-Harmonic-Perspective
9. MV Stretch-Out 2/ Percussion Store Anime
10. 3 Legged Hyrax Destroyed My Ride w/ Cosmic Cannons
11. LoopAholick's Anonymous
12. Shadows Of KV5 Never Seen
13. G5 Stretch-Out 1/Mudslinging Step-Sisters
14. Bb Fretless Swingers, LIVE
15. Peace For A Shredded World
16. The Monster Returns With Friends!
17. Momentummmmm
18. G5 Stretch-Out 2/Sittin' On Espresso To Go
19. OverLoad.....We're Going In!
20. Jay's Front Porch, Open on Sundays Only.
21. MV@96 (InterView & Performance)
22. Closing Ceremonies/Here Are Some Answers. (Featuring : Cold In The Winter)

1. But Leaves Have no Feelings (LISTEN TO AUDIO)
2. Essential Lullaby