The Midbeats

The Midbeats


It's a refreshing and exciting experience. No frills, no fuss, uncompromising, passionate, rock 'n' roll, in the tradition of The Beatles, Kinks and other melodic masters.

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You Can't Complain (single release) sold over 2000 copies online and at gigs. It also recived extensive world wide radio play and featured as a defult track on an mp3 player.

Set List

Finally see
Mr Mac
You Can’t Complain
You’ve Got To Take It All
Working Class Zero
He Who Must Deal
Get Outta Bed
Aggravation Obligation
You’ve Been Told
(average setlist about 30 to 45 minutes, however have got up to 2 hours worth of original material "gig ready". On occaision we play a few covers in a set, namely "Runaway" by "Del Shannon" and "Last Time" by "The Rolling Stones"