The MiddleMen

The MiddleMen


We are a young rock/alt-country band from Murfreesboro, TN. We have been compared to having the sound of early Wilco, The Vines, BRMC, Gomez, and Tom Waits. We put on high energy shows for all to enjoy.


The MiddleMen are a 3 piece Indie rock band emerging from a storage shed in the typically polished up Nashville music scene. They are fronted by the distinctive songwriting and frantic rhythm guitar of Bobby Gray. Cast in the shadows of Bobby's emotional stature are Matt Wilson on drums and Mitch Holland on bass. Each provide the hard hitting energy that seems as natural to this band as Bobby's commanding stage presence. Their self-produced demo cd, "To Who it may Concern" released in 2006 featured 4 of their most popular songs from their first touring and writing experiences. Silver Screens, Roll, Paralyzed, and Lessons Learned offered a glimpse into their songwriting minds and laid the groundwork for their latest release. During 2006 The MiddleMen gained fan support and enough songs to begin their first full length recording. It wasn't until working in pre-production in early 2007 that the 13 track rock and alt. country songs really became "Post Script". Produced by Vinny Constantine, their debut LP offers a mix of songs ranging from love, death, god, and everything in between, and captures the screaming frustrations of youth being forced to deal with such emotional issues. To the MiddleMen, Post Script goes beyond each individual song and provides a snapshot of the past 2 years of writing, performing, and recording and being locked in a sweaty storage shed for far too many hours at a time.


Post Script- Released April '08

To Whom it May Concern- '06

Set List

We typically play 30 to 45 minutes. We play all originals.