The Midnight Renewal

The Midnight Renewal


The Midnight Renewal has literally stunned the Rhode Island music scene. Their unique sound, unparallelled instrumental prowess and cunning lyrical brilliance will soon be heard across our great nation. Be a part of the Renewal!!!


Mid-October 2004, a band was created from the merging of two of Rhode Island's local bands. In hopes to create something new and beautiful, six close friends played night and day in a small room in Richmond. As a result the group created what was originally intended to be a side project, a band dubbed The Midnight Renewal.

Within a day of having four songs recorded and available for stream on the internet, the band received countless plays, and numerous requests from fans asking them to tour their area. Over the next month, they would show no signs of slowing down, and they have big plans for the new year.

The group intends to release a 5 song demo from the already written 10-song full length album titled "but could I erase her," which will be followed by a nation wide tour planned for late spring. Needless to say, 2005 will be quite a year for these six young lads. Rest assured that they will stop at no lengths to bring their music to your town.


The Midnight Renewal has released their newest album "...but could I erase her" (2004/2005). You can find their music at the following sites: