The Midnight Thud

The Midnight Thud


From the heart of Detroit Rock City, "The Midnight Thud" makes high energy rock and roll. The band charted on CMJ's top 20 list with their original brand of classic rock meets stoner. The group is listed as "Top Emerging Artists" by Sterling Sound Mastering studio.


The Midnight Thud was formed in early 2005 when the band lived and rehearsed just off of 8 Mile Rd. in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up on a steady diet of Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk, J.J. and Vincent formed the best of childhood friendships. They have played and toured in bands together since the age of sixteen. In 2005 the two shared a vision and left their previous projects to reunite and explore a new type of sound....a stripped down, high energy, classic meets modern kind of rock and roll. Veteran rock drummer Leroy Majors joined the band shortly after. The Midnight Thud�s debut ep, �Pistol� was recorded at the White Room Studio in Detroit, Michigan and released in mid 2006. Make sure you check out the band's websites for more info.


"Pistol" EP 2006 Galaxy 10 Records - hit top 20 on CMJ add chart

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