The Mid-State Wire

The Mid-State Wire


We love Gram Parsons, The Stones, John Hartford, and Ryan Adams; and we write all our own tunes. Acoustic guitar, mandolin, Hammond organ, piano, electric guitar, bass, drums, lyrics you can believe in, and vocals that mean something.


This band was truly born on the fourth of July (July 4, 2005). We are six solid musicians strong and have a commitment to excellence both in the studio and on the stage. We pick and choose what we like most from our long list of influences in American music history; we reach back to the Carter family and leap forward to the contemporary stylings of Wilco or Gillian Welch, assimilating countless classic rock tidbits along the way (think The Band, Flying Burrito Brothers, Rolling Stones). All of this makes our music simultaneously familiar and completely original. Where else have you ever heard a Hammond organ, slide guitar, and mandolin all in the same original song that sounds like it was written 50 years ago with those instruments in mind? The Mid-State Wire captures that sensibility on stage and on disc.


Lonesome Highway Revival-2006

Set List

We play all the songs that can be found on our album @ We can also perform a repertoire of acoustic bluegrass with an electric organ-laden twist, or jump into an electrified, upbeat, foot-tapping rock set. We'll play for 40 minutes or 3 hours; we love to play, and will mix and match ensembles from solo all the way up to our full 6-piece.