The Midwest Revival

The Midwest Revival

 Springfield, Ohio, USA

Music is the universal language of the world, because words sang and melodies played are emotions shared. We play music because its how we know to express our lives. The songs we write are mostly improves and we think that raw unfiltered songwriting is the best way to let it all out every time.


a garden of rare flowers in a sea of conformity. We break through limitations by creating most of our songs on the spot through improvisation, and building some instruments on our own. We don't have set instruments for each song, we play what feels right when needed. Influenced by the world around us our style varies with each song wrote. Taking influences from the classic rock, R&B, punk, and folk all the while adding our own twists. We look up to many musicians like The Avett Brothers who bring such raw emotion to their music that its felt all around, we simply wish to live our life's in rhythm and express it through song.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Who needs a recording studio when you have an old barn and two mics?
The Ant Farm City
God Damn the Rewind
Drive Slow
Say Maybe