The Midwinters

The Midwinters


garage rock with occasional four-part harmonies and dulcet Wurly tones ... more or less.


The Midwinters are from the San Diego area. Paul Donovan was in an Americana-leaning band called Dryve, which during the '90s won a San Diego Music Award and toured a lot. Josh Hagquist was in a louder band called the Beautiful Mistake, which toured even more and put out a few records.

A few years later, Paul and Josh became brothers-in-law, and Paul met Matt, who eventually met Erik, who knew Hobson (if you follow that).

We figured out we had enough in common to make music we liked, so we started playing shows around San Diego and SoCal in 2006. With four songwriters and as many singers, we've got a diverse bunch of influences from Wilco to Ben Folds, Ryan Adams to Queen.


All of our material is unreleased at this point except for demos that are streamable online here and at Myspace, Facebook, and

Set List

We have a 40-50 minute set of all original music. Currently it looks like:

Sunday Morning
Will You Hold On
You Forgot
I Sometimes Wonder
I Get Down
Nothing to Me