The Mighty Mojo Prophets

The Mighty Mojo Prophets

 Lakewood, California, USA

Born under a full moon and baptized in muddy waters, The Mighty Mojo Prophets are Southern California's PREMIER blues band! A real "West Coast" blues party!"2011 BMA NOMINEES"!!! For Booking:Festivals Exclusive Booking: Tom Eliff 562-425-9020


2011 BLUES MUSIC AWARD (formerly W.C. HANDY awards) NOMINEES for "Best New Artist Debut". The Mighty Mojo Prophets are the quintessential Long Beach, California blues band! Singer/Lyricist Tom "Big Son" Eliff, and guitarist Mitch "the Switch" Dow are so good at their craft that any region in "blues" America would be happy to claim them as their own. Although played on 100's of radio stations currently here in the U.S. and abroad, they are Southern Californians through and through, specializing in playing one of American roots music's most intriguing and infamous styles: West Coast Blues! Their debut Cd on Rip Cat Records "The Mighty Mojo Prophets" gives ample evidence of their affinity for swingin', jumpin' West Coast Blues, while also showing their natural feel for classic styles from other regions like Chicago, Kansas City, Texas, the Delta to name a few. Their new CD, "Flyin' Home from Memphis" brings a freshness and an evolving creativity to stirring music that makes a secure connection between the 50's, 60's and 70's Memphis blues explosion and the "storied" Long Beach, California blues scene of the 1980's and 90's when James Harman, Rod Piazza, and the late, great William Clarke were on top of their game! This band also traces it's heritage back to the post WW2 era of Big Joe Turner, Cleanhead Vinson, T-Bone Walker and other paragons of intermingled blues, jazz and R&B that relocated out to the Golden State. For good reason, The Mighty Mojo Prophets fancy themselves purveyors of "High Powered, Old School" blues!!!! The Mighty Mojo Prophets mix intelligence and depth with entertainment, a combination beyond the reach of many of today's one-dimensional "party bands".

For Booking:
Tom Eliff/Mitch Dow
Blue Switch Entertainment
562-425-9020 or 714-206-8543


Debut "self titled" CD:
The Mighty Mojo Prophets
Released: March, 2011
On: Rip Cat Records

Latest Release:
"Flyin' Home from Memphis"
Released April 16th, 2013
On: Delta Groove Records

Set List

Our set/s include a mix of original material and classic blues covers....Listen to the debut CD "The Mighty Mojo Prophets" our our latest release "Flyin' Home from Memphis" for an example of our original material....covers would include JUST BLUES ! All styles from all regions ... West Coast, Jump, Chicago, Delta, Piedmont, from silky smooth to greasefire!....set lists change all the time!! WE HAVE OVER 24 HOURS OF MATERIAL PREPARED AT ALL TIMES!!!