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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | SELF | AFM

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Metal Hard Rock




"The Mighty One Releases Red-Hot Album ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’"

The Mighty One is a serious force to be reckoned with. We saw this in their debut back in 2007 and time and time again with each album released since. However, their latest release ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ propels the group to a whole other realm. Each of the ten tracks is an effortless evolution from their past releases as they run riot in the rock and roll realms. Honestly, this is no surprise as The Mighty One’s frontman Tim Steinruck has spent a lifetime grinding. As we know, this industry is full of surprises and despite signing a deal with Paul Stanley back in 1989, it’s now that The Mighty One is breathing life into the rock world once again. Whatever journey they’ve taken to release this outstanding album, we’re just happy to have it in our headphones.

The Mighty One self-professedly provides “gut-crushing rock, thick, powerful chords and virulent melodies” and when it comes to ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ they couldn’t be more right. Whilst it isn’t the track that kicks off the album, I think it’s apt to start with the title track ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’. This track is an absolute performance powerhouse. It tells the groups origin story with captivating clarity whilst offering up everything from the quote above. Tim Steinruck’s vocals stand front and centre in the mix as he showcases exactly why he’s rising the ranks in the world of rock. ‘Disrupter’ is another standout. Bob Wagner’s dynamic drum lines propel the track forward with vivacity and excitement sometimes missed in modern rock and roll. This fast-paced song is fuelled by the undeniable talent all three of the band members have at their fingertips. Concluding this goldmine of musical mastery, ‘When This Is Over’ speaks on the recent events that shook up the world. With the electric energy, gut-crushing chords and mesmerising melodies that this track flexes, The Mighty One are shaking up the world of rock. Gustavo Valderrama’s bass booms through the soundscape. Seriously, you’ll be feeling it in your bones. ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ is a melting pot of past and present influence, scorched together in a flame lit many years ago. If there’s one thing we can count on The Mighty One for, it’s keeping the Rock and Roll torch ablaze.


Listen to ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ on SPOTIFY NOW

Watch The Video for ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ on YOUTUBE NOW

By Sasha Lauryn - Skope Magazine

"THE MIGHTY ONE Present New Single + Video “Burden”"

THE MIGHTY ONE from Canada are well-known for always having a fan surprise up their sleeves – following the latest announcement of a streaming concert and two elaborate videos for their latest singles, the band now announces the release of Burden from their current album Torch Of Rock And Roll.

After putting out a classical lyric video (Coming On) and some epic Animé-inspired eye-candy (Torch Of Rock And Roll), the clip for the new single Burden showcases the band’s intense performance of a highly emotional song. Written over 20 years ago by frontman Tim Steinruck, guitarist Scott Enns and their close friend and drummer Jeff Worobec, the track only saw the light of day with the album release of Torch Of Rock and Roll earlier in 2020, after Worobec tragically passed away from cancer in 2016. So it only makes sense for Enns to make a cameo appearance throughout the clip as well.

In a haunting, yet beautiful way, Burden explores the pain of holding on to feelings and situations that keep us imprisoned, and the freedom that comes from releasing them to a power greater than ourselves. The spiritual, moving track has quickly become a fan-favorite off of Torch Of Rock And Roll. - Metal Shock Finland

"Vents Magazine Interview 2021/09/03"

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Life has actually been amazing! Yes, it’s definitely an interesting time in life and the music business but we feel we’ve been taking full advantage of the opportunities that exist as opposed to being bummed about the ones that don’t. We’re pumped to be talking to you guys today!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “The Torch Of Rock and Roll”?

Absolutely. You know, this is the song that define’s where we are at right now. It’s a legacy moment. The past, the present and the future are all represented in this song. The Torch Of Rock And Roll is an energy source. A fire of purpose that has been burning inside us since we were kids. Now it burns brighter than ever, and we really want to light up the next generation of young rockers while reminding our generation where they came from. Rock is definitely not dead!

Did any event, in particular, inspire you to write this song?

This is the true story of our lead singer, Tim Steinruck’s life. The dream to become a rockstar, inspired by the first record he ever owned, KISS Destroyer. The first time he plugged a guitar into an amp and cranked it to 10 and had a total awakening to his purpose. Making the dream of working with Paul Stanley come true, complete with a record and management deal in the days when million-dollar deals still existed. Then the tragedy of losing it all, but never giving up, and now returning over 30 years later to finish what was started all those years ago. It sounds like a movie script, but we assure you; every bit of it is true.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video? Have you worked with animation before, and how did you get connected with the director Kenji Rodriguez?

Kenji is one of Tim’s friends who he met in 2012. Kenji was just getting into animation and helped to develop a script for the lead single from our second record SHIFT. The single was a song titled “Waiting For You” and Kenji was working with an artist who actually drew all the scenes for the video by hand and then Kenji animated them.It’s really cool

For the “Torch Of Rock And Roll” video Tim and Kenji worked on condensing the story, capturing the powerful highlights, and then Kenji and a team of graphic artists and animators in Mexico brought the story to life.

Why did you end up naming the album after this song in particular?

After we wrote the song it was immediately obvious that the album needed to be built around this song. We believe that every great album starts with an inspiring story. The song became the energy and momentum for the entire album. In many ways it defines what we do, and why we do it.

How was the recording and writing process?

The past two records were mostly written, played and recorded by Tim, and the drums were performed by drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen, formerly from the Devin Townsend Project. The “Torch Of Rock And Roll” was written by Tim and drummer Bob Wagner. Because it was mostly recorded during the pandemic everything was recorded at Tim’s home studio with a focus on great-sounding, organic performances. We had time to do that like never before. Tim and Bob created a bubble and bass player Gustavo Valderrama provided huge technical support, editing, file management and a bass track on the title track.

What role does Vancouver play in your music?

Vancouver is the place where some of the most iconic 80’s hard rock albums were recorded like Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet,” Motley Crue’s “Girls, Girls, Girls’” and the Metallica “Black” album. In many ways Vancouver was the peak of the Hair Metal era, The music scene in Vancouver at that time was totally insane! We’re still inspired by what we all experienced in these days here in Vancouver. Oh…the stories!

What aspect of persistence and hope did you get to explore on this record?

Oh man! This record is all about a commitment to the rock and roll dream, and never giving up on it. That even though it doesn’t make logical sense to keep going, we have to, otherwise, something inside of us would die. The fire would die. The Torch Of Rock And Roll would go out. We just couldn’t let that happen. We knew that it was only a matter of time before legacy rock would rise again.

Where else did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

Once “Torch Of Rock And Roll” was written, the rest of the album just started to fall into place organically. After the death of Jeff Worobec, drummer and Tim’s best friend for over 20 years, a new version of The Mighty One was born. At the memorial, Tim gathered all the musicians who had played and helped to write the songs that he and Jeff had created together over the years. Three of those songs appear on this album, as a tribute to Jeff. The newer songs were inspired by Tim’s personal journey through these crazy times as a counselor, life coach and spiritual seeker. The past, the present, and the future have intersected to create this record.

What else is happening next in The Mighty One’s world?

Well today we are releasing a live music video from a Livestream we recorded this summer at Vancouver’s iconic Rickshaw Theatre. “My Garden” is actually one of those songs that was written in the early 90’s after the demise of the Paul Stanley deal. It was a really dark time, when Tim’s life looked like a wasteland. Here’s the link to the live video:

Right now we’re also super focused on developing our live show and booking dates in Canada, Europe, Mexico, Latin America, and the U.S.A. There are some amazing opportunities in front of us right now that will put us out on the road for quite a while, in a lot of different places. We’re really looking forward to coming and visiting you and your audience! In the meantime, we have a few more music videos in the works that will continue to tell the “Torch Of Rock And Roll” story. It’s truly a powerful time for us right now.

As we always say “Feel The Fire! Keep It Burning! Torch Of Rock And Roll!” Thanks for having us Vents!. - Vents Magazine

"The Mighty One smashes The Rickshaw Theatre"

The Mighty One smashing The Rickshaw Theatre
Free live video My Garden now on YouTube!

The Mighty One are back with a bang! Nearing the end of a cultural megadrought that stretches painfully long particularly in the live sector, the Canadian powerhouse has finally entered the stage again. Introducing their massively heavy rock with a fistful of metal to a mixed metal and mariachi audience in a recent virtual live show hosted from Vancouver’s iconic The Rickshaw Theatre, the band took back home an insanely powerful live recording of My Garden, one of the true headbangers on their latest album Torch Of Rock And Roll. Lead guitarist Dave Padden (Ex Annihilator) himself has carefully mixed and mastered the recording to carry over the crisp yet musical sound signature of this culturally historic location. Enjoy this harbinger of all the awesomeness to come here and now!

The whole gig will be released as Live Mariachi Sessions later this year. - CMM/SAOL


Canadian hard rock force The Mighty One have just released their critically acclaimed album Torch Of Rock And Roll – and now that the torch is lit, they of course won’t stop firing one spectacular surprise after another.

Torch Of Rock And Roll is an unparalleled, uncompromisingly heavy rock album about the victories and defeats, the gains and losses, the ups and downs in the life of a true rock’n’roller. Two prior albums have pathed the way for a result, which – while being a brutally straight and honest album – is The Mighty One’s most complex and refined output so far. Reflecting upon a life dedicated to heavy music, filled with awe-inspiring moments, with power trips and the heartfelt losses that such a commitment brings, it already hauls the load for a dramatic rock and metal opera. And since we all know that no such piece would get away without a relatable protagonist, Tim Steinruck reached out into his own past in order to put a youngster and his coming of age journey right where the protagonist of the album’s title track belongs: front and center. The fan and dreamer that built upon his dreams – and boy do dreams burn!

The title track of Torch Of Rock And Roll tells the real life story of a boy who happened to fall in love with KISS, the dreams he had and the will to make them come true to a point of eventually signing a management/record deal with his idol Paul Stanley. It’s also a story about the moment when a fiery heart realizes that all the ill-fated things its owner has gone through have just been a matter of synchronicity rather than fate. A truly recognitial
moment and the spark that lit his lifelong fire of purpose.

This track, that tells such a heartwarming and rocking story, will be released as a single on April 16, alongside a remarkable video. The anime-inspired animations in the clip are a rare, yet brightening sight within the hard rock genre. Check it out right here:

All in all, The Mighty One’s Torch Of Rock And Roll has been a continuously thrilling ride. First, gasoline was poured all over the dusty ground of hard rock’s legacy. Then a spark hit the explosive ground and created a sea of fire for you to dip in the almighty flambeau you’ve been handed: THE TORCH OF ROCK AND ROLL has once again been lit. Now go and enjoy the video and album! - Grimm Gent

"Canadian THE MIGHTY ONE Release The ‘Torch Of Rock And Roll’ Album"

Canadian hard rock force THE MIGHTY ONE have just released their brand new record The Torch Of Rock And Roll, an unparalleled, uncompromisingly heavy rock album about the victories and defeats, the gains and losses, the ups and downs in the life of a true rock’n’roller. Two prior albums have pathed the way for a result, which – while being a brutally straight and honest album – is The Mighty One’s most complex and refined output so far. Reflecting upon a life dedicated to heavy music, filled with awe-inspiring moments, with power trips and the heartfelt losses that such a commitment brings, it already hauls the load for a dramatic rock and metal opera. And since we all know that no such piece would get away without a relatable protagonist, Tim Steinruck reached out into his own past in order to put a youngster and his coming of age journey right where the protagonist of the album’s title track belongs: front and center. The fan and dreamer that built upon his dreams – and boy do dreams burn!

The title track of The Torch Of Rock And Roll tells the real life story of said boy who happened to fall in love with KISS, the dreams he had and the will to make them come true to a point of eventually signing a management/record deal with his idol Paul Stanley. It’s also a story about the moment when a fiery heart realizes that all the ill-fated things its owner has gone through have just been a matter of synchronicity rather than fate. A truly recognitial moment and the spark that lit his lifelong fire of purpose. - Metal Shock Finland

"TheMightyOne sign with German label CMM/SAOL and release "Christmas In The North""

TheMightyOne: Video-/Radio Single "Christmas In The North" Out Now
Band signs with CMM/SAOL, warming up for several re-releases and new album 'round the corner!

Canadian metal radio star, songwriter, guitarist, singer, producer, hardrocker, Father Christmas for thousands of families and motivational speaker – TheMightyOne mastermind Tim Steinruck is a man of many talents, the mightiest one being his big, all-inviting heart that lets people in and oozes a steady flow of positivity into the world. This heart is also the bi-directional hub that feeds his warm soul into all of Steinruck’s activities – particularly his music – and acts as an open door to the man himself. Today, a formidable yet gentle moose is walking out of this door and carries a Norwegian-Canadian gift for us in form of a strong, engaging, headbang-inducing Christmas song. Christmas In The North features uprising Norwegian force VIKING QUEEN and North-Sami singer Kay Somby. Wait, you say. How did this strange thing happen, you ask? There is a story to it of course, a story of self-denial turned into friendship, energy and a beam of positivity and hope firing back and forth across the big pond, an awesome European-American dream.

For Tim aka Father Christmas all this is inseparable from the world’s current situation and from his newly-found relationship to Viking Queen, that he describes as a very special and familiar one: “Throughout COVID we would meet almost weekly online over Skype to have these crazy parties that involved a lot of 'cheers' to the computer camera. These parties would last for hours and because we were in radically different time zones, sometimes one of us would pass out for a while. I remember waking up from one of these 'naps' and Geir (Miranda, manager of Viking Queen) saying ‘Tim, we need to do a Christmas song together.’ In a fog I said ‘what would it be called?’ In that moment 'Christmas In The North' was born.”

Christmas In The North is available now:

Christmas in the North is all about Christmas love and – yes – Covid Magic, a weird word tailored to describe both influence and result of the pandemic to a fundamentally positive mind: “Many people complain about the fear, uncertainty and challenge that COVID has created. How it's turned their life upside down. My experience has been completely opposite to that. I feel it has been the greatest opportunity to get clear on my purpose, which is to live a rockstar reality everyday. ‘Christmas In The North’ is a product of what I call COVID Magic. It's been the greatest gift. What's not important in my life has been stripped away. All that remains is family, friends, creativity and deep passion to rock and roll all night and party every day.”

While the musical heritage of TheMightyOne got nurtured by the likes of AC/DC, Van Halen, Mötley Crüe and late 1980’s to early 2000’s hard rock and metal of KISS, Faith No More, Foo Fighters and Audioslave, Christmas In The North is a very special kind of a powerful beast. A true power metal anthem with Viking genes giving testament to friendship while hailing the Christmas spirit.

TheMightyOne’s previous albums The Mighty One (2008) and Shift (2012), which both topped the charts in Canadian and US radio stations for weeks, will be made available again digitally from November 27th by CMM/SAOL. More details are to follow soon! - CMM/SAOL

"Legendary Mixer Mike Fraser endorses TheMightyOne"

"The Mighty One is one of the hardest working bands I've mixed in years.
Tim is an absolute rock star with the charisma, professional attitude and work ethic that will
take this band a long way. Killer live show and the venues are always chock-full of devout fans that aren't girlfriends or the band's mothers"

Mike Fraser is Engineer Mixer to AC/DC Metallica Franz Ferdinand Elvis Costello and Mother Mother
- 26-8 Music Inc.

"Devin Townsend endorses TheMightyOne"

The Mighty One's music is coming from very special place...Tim really feels his music and has an unwavering quest toward his artistic goals. Huge and true, he really has done what he set out to do with his debut release.

-Devin Townsend

- TheMightyOne

"Original WHITE ZOMBIE drummer endorses TheMightyOne"

"The Mighty One totally blew me away when I heard their song Reprieved. These guys kick ass and are on their way to the big time." ...Ivan de Prume - 26-8 Music Inc.

"Skope Magazine interview"

Check out this great interview of TheMightyOne - 26-8 Music Inc.

"Radio personality David Hawkes endorses TheMightyOne"

"Hailing from Vancouver, THE MIGHTY ONE is a microcosm of all the good things you can ever hope for in a band. They really do have all the ingredients that make a modern sounding band matter, including great musicianship, a singer with perfect pitch, stage presence, loads of street cred...and yes ladies and gentleman, they even have well crafted and memorable songs."

David Hawkes
Encore Music - The Adelphia Group - VENUE
- 26-8 Music Inc.

"SHiFT CD Review"

This Vancouver quartet looks like a death metal band at first glance, but The Mighty One, while a hard rock outfit, surprises with lush vocal harmonies and at points almost pop-like arrangements based around New Age lyrics. That's not to say they're short on crunchy guitars and a pumping bass and drums combo. This is a terrific second album from a highly original group.

- Charles Mandel
- Here Magazine

"White Zombie drummer to provide track for new album."

Ivan de Prume, original drummer of White Zombie has agreed to provide drum tracks for TheMightyOne's new track 'Awakened' from the new album "Shift" - TheMightyOne

"North American college radio charting!"

Tinderbox Music promoted TheMightyOne debut to North American college radio this summer and was enthusiastically embraced by over 70 stations. Here are the highlights!
KSCL (Shreveport, LA) - Charted #5
WCVM (Morrisville, NY) - Charted #6
WIIT (Chicago, IL) - 3 weeks on their chart (#29, #27, #27)
WKKL (West Barnstable, MA) - 3 weeks on their chart (#13, #16, #16)
WMCO (New Concord, OH) - 5 weeks on their chart (#8, #11, #20, #9, #9)
WTTU (Cookeville, TN) - Charted #5
CHMR (St. Johns) charted for four weeks (#3, #2, #2, #4) - 26-8 Music Inc.

"7 Million Plays!"

As of February 2012 "THE MIGHTY ONE" Album has charted 7 Million plays on Number One Music. WOW!

See what all the buzz is about! - Number One Music

"TheMightyOne featured on the NHL"

TheMightyOne single is featured on the NHL "Play Of The Week". - 26-8 Music

"Lithium Magazine Interview"

by Samantha Wu

Combining influences from the likes of Sammy Hagar from Van Halen and Paul Stanley from KISS with a distinct jolt of positive, life-affirming attitude, TheMightyOne is set to bring their brand of conscious rock to the Canadian music front. With the release of their sophomore album, “SHiFT”, TheMightyOne’s unique brand of steady rock beats and powerful tunes paired with uplifting and soulful lyrics are set to give Canadians something beyond the standard formula of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll to think about.

I was given the chance to speak with TheMightyOne’s front man and driving force, Tim Steinruck, earlier this week about what influences and drives his music and where the new album will lead them.

Samantha: Could you tell me more about the rest of your band?

Tim: Lorne Seaton plays lead guitar. He's a good friend who's been working with me in the recording and live aspect of various projects that have lead us to TheMightyOne. Chris Campbell is TheMightyOne's bassist and brings a lot of groove and a very cool visual to the band. He’s a super cool guy with a Jamacian background. Our drummer is Bob Wagner, who has worked with bands like Econoline Crush, Shocore and City of Fire. He brings a lot of talent and experience to the table. He and the rest of the guys all sing too, so the huge background vocals on "SHiFT" are beautifully recreated live.

Samantha: How would you define your sound to someone discovering TheMightyOne for the first time?

Tim: [We’re like] Three Days Grace meets Faith No More.

Samantha: What sets you apart from the rest?

Tim: I think it's the positive vibe and message of the band that comes across, without giving up the grit needed in a hard rock band. There's a real lightness about what we do.
Samantha: From what I read in your biography, I see you're a very spiritual guy. How does your spirituality play into your music?

Tim: It's a big part of the lyrical content of the songs though I've been careful to deliver the message in a universal way. In 2007 I became consumed by the possibility of the world ending in an apocalyptic scenario. I revisited bible prophecy that I had been programmed with as a child growing up in a northern BC Mennonite community. I went pretty deep into that dark rabbit hole on the web and came upon the Mayan 2012 prophecy for the first time. After wading through a lot of the mistruths, and spending some time in the Yucatan, it became obvious to me that it's not the end of the world, but simply the end of a cycle. The end of a 26,000 year learning cycle. For the first time in thousands of years we have the opportunity to finally create an ideal world...or not. I believe it's a crossroads of choice.

Samantha: You've mentioned "conscious rock" a few times in your bio. What does that mean to you?

Tim: A message of self-empowerment. Our thoughts and feelings create our lives. We've always believed that life happens TO us, but even science now believes that we define our individual lives with our consciousness. It's also now a known fact that we human beings, like animals, have a collective consciousness. It's a pretty powerful force.

Samantha: I read that you come from a Mennonite community and that influences your music. How do you feel about the term "Christian Rock" and the negative connotation that tends to come with that? Does it affect you or your music at all?

Tim: Our beliefs and approach are much more universal. I reject the control mechanisms of religion that I grew up with; however, the basic beliefs of being a good person and helping your fellow man are beliefs I uphold. I love Christian Rock; bands like Skillet and Red, whose fans may be attracted to us. To us, God is not a person but an amazing and beautiful energy inside and all around us. That's the difference.

Samantha: “SHiFT” is your sophomore full-length album; how has your music evolved from your debut?

Tim: The debut album was a bit of therapy record since I had recently gone through a divorce and was working through a lot of anger. I was also in that apocalyptic zone that I talked of earlier so there was definitely a darker vibe.

Samantha: “SHiFT” launches at the end of January, what can fans expect from the new album and what are some highlights that will draw people in?

Tim: The focus right now is on the single that's on Canadian radio right now, "Waiting For You". It seem like everyone is waiting for something to happen as the world takes this crazy turn right now. "It's darkest just before the dawn" is the first line from the song and I think that speaks to the album's insightful message that's wrapped in gritty and lush production.

Samantha: What would you like your listeners to get out of listening to “SHiFT”?

Tim: I would hope we could somehow "SHiFT" their perspective on the future, even if only momentarily.

Samantha: What are you looking forward to after “SHiFT” hits the stores and Canadian airwaves? Any tours to speak of?

Tim: There well be a western Canadian tour in the New Year and then it's off to Toronto in March. We'll see you out there...wherever you are!
- Lithium magazine

"TheMightyOne goes National!"

TheMightyOne is featured in all major newspapers in Canada along with a free download of the single "Reprieved". -

""Reprieved" video and single released to Canadian radio and T.V. through PITBULL PROMOTIONS"

TheMightyOne's single Reprieved is getting play across Canada and the video is in rotation at Much Music and Much Loud!

contact for more details. - 26-8 Music Inc.


Review of "Reprieved" by gwendolynlj

Oh Yeah. That's It. I really like it. Put together nicely. Great song. Vocals are awesome. I hear radio airplay. Keep at it and keep up the great work. Now this is ROCK!!!!!!
Arizona,United States

Review of "Reprieved" by eddwario

Hell Yeah Dude
Awesome man! This is totally going into my playlist! Such a great message too!

British Columbia, Canada

- TheMightyOne

"TheMightyOne release European versions of their debut and "SHIFT" and announce New Album!"

TheMightyOne: Self-titled Debut and SHIFT albums re-released + Details for "Torch Of Rock ‘N’ Roll" announced!
News from Canadian Hardrockers TheMightyOne!

As of NOV 27 and after a long time of drought, fans of the Canadian hard rock trio TheMightyOne, spearheaded by Tim Steinruck, can finally get their hands on TheMightyOne (2008) and Shift (2012) again. Better yet, the very same day also marks the first ever official European release for the two albums that had quite an impact back home in Canada at the time.
For his debut, former Paul Stanley (KISS) management protegé Tim Steinruck got in touch with his friend and studio customer Devin Townsend, who, besides being a welcome guest in Tim’s house and studio, took mixing in his trusted hands and partially helped Tim out as a producer. The resulting TheMightyOne was just insane: a guttural stadium rock monster that somehow managed to walk the thin line of integrating grand melodies and engaging hook lines with the brutal, neck-breaking stomp of modern heavy metal. Now, 12 years later, the album hasn’t aged a bit and someone might be in the know as to where this magic might be coming from:

"TheMightyOne's music is coming from a very special place… Tim really feels his music and has an unwavering quest toward his artistic goals. Huge and true, he really has done what he set out to do with his debut release” – Devin Townsend

Having spent a good portion of his own time with Tim, Devin knew well about said goal that defined the very nature of the album: exorcising the apocalypse out of a broken heart and soul that had just gone through painful losses. Thus, the intention behind the original releases of these two albums come full circle: In a time that is stamped by omnipresent grief, fear and withdrawal, TheMightyOne light up the hearts of those in need for hope and confidence with TheMightyOne and Shift – the latter one starting off from a more positive situation, that brought a huge portion of hopefulness and fun into the whole songwriting process, while managing to keep the band’s then modern and today timeless touch of guttural oomph. The result is a highly melodic hard rock album with enough stomp to assist you in tearing your house down.

Led by those two availabilities, the Canadian hardrock force is beginning its crusade towards the salvation of rock’n’roll that will be continued throughout 2021. The brand new album Torch Of Rock’n’Roll will be available on March 26th and is coming with ten heavy, encouraging tracks, made to conquer the world. It touches on all the topics that compulsorily come to all of us throughout our lives, and yet make us feel the loneliest.
The Torch Of Rock’n’Roll is the beacon that needs to be lit in one’s soul in order to brace themselves for what has been and will be – and ensures what is the most comforting at times: There is always music, and when there is music, there is hope.

TheMightyOne and Shift will be digitally available from November 27. TheMightyOne’s third brand new album will be out on March 26, 2021. - CMM/SAOL

"KUFO FM Portland's Metalopolis"

On June 12th TheMightyOne's single Reprieved was featured on the Metalopolis show hosted by Ivan de Prume, original drummer from White Zombie. They were also granted placement of a 30 second ad promoting the single, video and website. - TheMightyOne

"The Mighty One has the Torch Of Rock And Roll"

As a young music fan, getting your first record can be a life changing experience. For frontman of The Mighty One Tim Steinruck this was definitely the case.

After receiving his first KISS record Destroyer, a fire was lit inside Steinruck and he immediately aspired to be a rockstar.

Rock ‘n’ roll has been planting its seed in the music industry since the 1950’s. With its high energy sound and rebellious nature, rock dominated the music charts and became the most popular genre of the 50’s and 60’s as well as a lifestyle.

Jumping on the rock ‘n’ roll bandwagon, Tim Steinruck was beginning to make a name for himself gaining recognition from Mr. Paul Stanley himself and recording his first band’s EP at KISS’ East LA studio.

It seemed that Steinruck’s dream of becoming a rockstar was untouchable. That was until grunge and other subgenres began to take the spotlight. While this put a damper on his spirits, Tim was determined to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive with The Mighty One.

The Mighty One is a hard rock band based out of Vancouver, Canada. The band started in 2007 and consists of members Tim Steinruck (frontman), Bob Wagner (drums), and Gustavo Valderrama (bass).

Torch of Rock and Roll is The Mighty One’s third studio album and takes listeners on a journey of rock ‘n’ roll from the 90s to now. The 10 track album features explosive instrumentation and lyricism, and proves that rock is still alive and well!

“The Torch of Rock and Roll is an album that powerfully melts together the past and present through an alchemical fire of purpose that was lit all those years ago”, says The Mighty One. - Alyssa Mattia

"The Mighty One"

Canadian heavy rock and metal steamroller The Mighty One are set to release their brand new record Torch Of Rock And Roll early this spring. Their first single Coming On already set the mark as the perfect album opener. Being the latest song written for the new album and in light of the ongoing pandemic, Coming On kicks it all off with lighting a beacon of hope that is fueled by true gratitude.

Torch Of Rock And Roll, while being a brutally straight and honest album, is The Mighty One’s most complex and refined output so far. Reflecting upon a life dedicated to heavy music with all the highs and lows, the awe-inspiring moments, the power trips and the heartfelt losses that such a commitment brings, it already hauls the load for a dramatic rock and metal opera. But receiving most songs and the tone-setting final touches in the year 2020, that left us feeling like beaten animals in their cages, borderlining between depression and the will to just break out and follow our damn purposes once again and forever, really made the difference, as there clearly was no room left for clichés. What started from a dark setting quickly begins to enthuse by the unveiling of the hope and purpose that – seen or unseen – are somewhere inside each and every one of us. The images that Tim Steinruck and his band are painting can best be outlined in his own words: “Sometimes we only find our purpose by looking at the wrongs and shortcomings of our own character, the darker sides, foul and rotten places in the garden, in order to refrain from them and start off again from a state where we feel lighter, kind of unchained and open for a better life, just in the mood to have a party without any cynical touches. The energetic, classic riffs and power-driven hooks are ultimately connected to better times and the jauntiness that we all started off with when we were young. Yet, just as our voice, they are shaped and tuned by the characters that we are today, as we have found our purpose that drives us and keeps us from mentally drowning. Handing over the torch of rock’n’roll feels great as it’s fueled by that fire of purpose.”

Aspirated, refined, thoughtful, energetic and as dynamic as the accumulation of decades of rock can be: This isn’t just a new The Mighty One record, it’s a new The Mighty One.

Torch Of Rock And Roll is out on March 26, 2021 via CMM/SAOL. - Submit Hub

"The Mighty One-Torch Of Rock And Roll"

Canadian Trio of rockers who kick out this excellent album of ballsy future classics from beginning to end that you all need to hear out there.

As the biog states. they comprise of Tim Steinruck (Vocals/Guitar), Bob Wagner (Drums) and Gustavo Valderrama (Bass) and was recorded at Begin Street Studios, Vancouver, Canada and Produced by the band themselves, with mixing and mastering by Dave Padden.

Highlights include the autobiographical title-track, 'Torch Of Rock And Roll'; the fast pacing rocker 'So High'; the ballsy 'Master Of Reality'; 'My Garden' with it's gutsy riff and dirty bassline and the power ballad 'Kickin' Stones' or killer closer 'When This Is Over' with fantastic vocal harmonies.



By Glenn Milligan - Metallville

"The Mighty One, a Vancouver Based Rock Band Keeps The Flame Alive"

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - July 8, 2022 - PRLog -- What started as a dream for the young dreamer, Tim Steinruck, has been turning into reality with each passing day; starting out from North America and raising through the ranks to now being the founder of the Rock and Roll group, "The Mighty One", his story epitomizes hard work, resiliency, and indisputable determination. The Mighty One is now composed of two other heavy hitters; Bob Wagner who plays the drums and Gustavo Valderrama on the bass. Having grown in the golden era, they embellish their style with the nostalgia of the 70s and 80s whilst still managing to color it with enough vitality of the modern and futuristic aura to appeal to a wide range of rock lovers.

Just returning from their Canadian Maritime tour & filming, fronted by RiseUP TV ( so, just hold on there). This 3 piece blends the traditional with the unusual to cultivate an eclectic concoction of rock music that is fueled by emotional inquiry combined with an unquenchable thirst for creative output.

The tune "So High" is more than just the imposing music-this track tells a story and most importantly asks a very vital question; why do people feel the desire to get high on drugs? Whilst the influence of the track is rooted in a melancholic like theme and a profoundly moving connection between death and drugs, "So High" still manages to be a groovy slice of rock and roll that treats its rather dark subject matter with an equally sharp-edged dose of rock vivacity.

All of this composition in "So High" is in direct service of lyrics with immensely resonate qualities, drawing listeners into a state of retrospection. This masterpiece stands to resonate with anyone who can open themselves up to its meaning, through the power and stylistic impact of the genre used to convey the message, "So High" would be welcomed among any fan of thoughtfully crafted and entirely authentic rock and roll!

The staggering music video directed by Colombian filmmaker, Juan Chiappe of SekFilms is a blockbuster like visual magnificence and an appropriate cinema, both in symbolism and storyline. You really can't argue when a high spectrum video is put out there which goes ahead to underline the sheer level of supremacy The Mighty One is scaling and if anything, this is the type of film you would sit down in a recliner, beer in hand as you look to the heaven to make them know the happiness is your portion, even thought there are moments where you don't understand everything in the world. - Prlog


Darker Side Of Me single March 2022

Burden album single July 2021

Torch Of Rock And Roll album April 2021

Torch Of Rock And Roll single April 2021

Coming On album single March 2021

Christmas In The North single 2020

The Mighty One (European Edition) 2020

TheMightyOne "SHIFT" LP 2012
Sound Of Silence single 2011
Waiting For You single 2011
Waiting For You (French) single 2011
Waiting For You (German) single 2011
Reprieved (French) single 2010
Back To You single 2010
Back To You (French) single 2010
Reprieved single 2009
TheMightyOne LP 2008



The Mighty One was created by Tim Steinruck in 2007. Tim is a veteran songwriter, musician, and performer. He moved to Vancouver days as a teen to pursue a professional music career, from foundations that were built at an early age in northern BC, Canada.

 In Vancouver, he immediately established himself as a touring musician, with multiple A-list acts, and for over 10 years enjoyed performing across North America. The band "Unchained", which began as a Van Halen tribute act, eventually evolved into an original entity of which he was a major songwriting contributor and producer. 

The band succeeded in securing a development deal, and a speculative multi-million record deal with producer Paul Stanley of Kiss and Polygram Records. The band was flown to Kiss's studio in North Hollywood to record an EP that remains unreleased. The emergence of 'grunge' stalled Unchained's evolution and Tim soon began to focus on producing his own music. 

Through several versions of his ultimate creative vehicle, Tim finally crystallized his vision into the creation of TheMightyOne. He enlisted Devin Townsend (Steve Vai, Lamb of God, The Devin Townsend Project) to produce the single "Reprieved" from the debut self-titled album, and secured renowned mixer Mike Fraser (AC/DC, Rush, Metallica) to ensure the single's recognition at radio. The album and single have received solid play across North America since 2010 charting as high as #2 in some areas. The video for "Reprieved" is currently still in regular rotation on Canada's national cable TV music video channel, Much Loud. 

The sophomore album SHiFT spawned two successful radio singles, "Waiting for You" and "Countdown to Ascension" and saw the band showcase at S.X.S.W. in Austin, Texas, and Canadian Music Week in Toronto. "Waiting For You" was featured by the NHL and Sirius XM to celebrate the return of Sydney Crosby after his concussion. 

The song continued to chart successfully at Sirius XM, and a French version was made popular by Canadian Forces radio for troops stationed around the world. 

A special release of their debut album was part of "Auditory Assault II", which was part of a donated group of hard rock recordings distributed to American troops around the world.

2020 began a new chapter for TheMightyOne with a new single released "Burden", a song that is part of an upcoming 2021 release

In Summer of 2020 The Mighty One signed with heavyweight German record label CMM/SAOL, whose clients include Iron Maiden, and secured worldwide distribution through Sony Records, The Orchard.

In November 2020 they released a feel-good single and music video for "Christmas in The North" that sprang from a COVID-inspired online relationship with a New Zealand FM radio station and a classic, Norwegian power metal band, Viking Queen.

2021 began powerfully with the release of the single, Coming On from their third album "Torch Of Rock And Roll", anchored by an animated music video that tells Tim's story. A comic book series, based on the video, produced with partners in Latin America.

The music video "Burden" was released on July 2, 2021, and the band broadcast a Livestream event from The Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver, B.C. featuring former Annihilator vocalist Dave Padden on lead guitar. The song "My Garden" from that show is a testament to the band's raw power, energy, presence, and sound. Later that year they released the song/video for "Darker Side Of Me" which dives deep into the psychology of self and how our shadow is not something to fear but faced. 

In 2022 Tim Steinruck embraced new roles as the host, and co-director/producer of Rise Up TV, a reality show that takes artists on international tours and captures their journey.  He also accepted the position of operations manager at the Canadian label Big Records to further The Mighty One and his creative peers. 

The Mighty One also released the song and music video for the song "So High" which explores our relationship with altered states through drug and medicine use. The government, educators, and addiction organizations are considering using it as a teaching tool, and Tim is planning a speaking tour in that regard.

Tim is also entering the final stages of production for the first of a comic book series entitled "The Mighty One, Legacy" based on his story outlined in the story of the "Torch Of Rock And Roll." His autobiographical book "Torch Of Rock And Roll. The Fire Of Purpose" is also nearing completion and is planned for publication in 2024.  

The Mighty One continues to enjoy exponential audience growth worldwide and has been featured in Rock Hard, Power Play, and Fireworks magazines. Recently they signed music licensing deals for their music with NASCAR, MTV, Discovery, and A and E!  

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