The Mighty Orq

The Mighty Orq

 Houston, Texas, USA

The Mighty Orq has quickly risen to be one of Houston, Texas' biggest bands by combining the energy of classic southern rock with undeniable pop hooks & melodies. Come see what the next "little ole band from Texas" is all about.


Summer 2011

For almost nine years The Mighty Orq have been playing relentlessly around the South and Europe releasing five albums, their last two on Pepper Cake Records, and developing a distinct, recognizable sound as well as a tremendous grassroots following. Their music is a blend of classic rock energy, Gulf Coast blues, R&B, and pop with gospel undertones that are as unique as they are powerful.

They started out playing the local haunts in their home town of Houston in late 2002, and over the last decade have developed into an internationally touring workhorse. Everywhere the band plays the sentiment among audiences is the same; ‘Why aren’t these guys famous?!’ “It’s something we don’t think about too much because, honestly, we’re too busy,” says Mighty Orq, front man and guitarist for the trio.

The band just returned from their sixth European tour in May 2011 in support of their latest release, Lost In Germany. This album is something of a retrospective. It is a live recording capturing a night in Germany from 2010 at the intimate venue, Kornbrennerei. In addition there are tracks taken from an earlier live recording in 2003 at Houston’s famous blues venue, The Big Easy Social & Pleasure Club. Lost In Germany offers a singular insight into group’s musical evolution; from its early inception as a traditional Blues band to a more song-writing oriented, southern rock and pop sound. Along with songs from the last four albums, Lost In Germany also features four new unreleased tracks, “The Possum Song,” “So Sad,” “Cold Hearted,” and the Freddie King classic, “Pack It Up.”

Over the summer the band plans to record not one but two albums. The first will be a band effort showcasing all the new material that has been written over the last three years of non-stop traveling and performing. The second recording, sponsored by a grant from the Houston Arts Alliance, will be more in the solo vein showcasing Orq’s acoustic guitar and dobro acumen. The theme for this second CD will be ‘Houston Music’ highlighted with performances and songs by prominent Houston musicians both past and present.

The future is busy and bright for this talented and hard-working band from Houston. To find out about upcoming events and listen to some mighty tunes visit the band at


Live: Lost in Germany (2011)
To The Bone (2008)
Milk Money (2005)
Ghost Train (2004)
Prayer Book (2002)

Set List

Selections from our 4 albums, along w/ some well thought out cover songs.

Typically we play two 75 min. sets. Can be adjusted as needed.


Falling Down (4:56)
Different This Time (4:17)
Rainy Day (3:37)
H.O. (5:38)
Set Me Free (3:31)
Hangin On (4:58)
If You Will (4:33)
Blue Eyes (4:10)
4+1 (4:08)
The Good Love (4:45)
Scars (6:33)
Devil At Your Back (3:49)
Unholy Getdown (4:10)
Heaven Sent (5:23)
Sweet In Between (4:43)
Carry Me Home (4:47)
Don’t Wanna (4:27)
Long Gone (4:30)
She Lets Me Lie (3:42)
Won’t Let Go (6:16)
Walk Away (5:56)
Weak Ender (3:41)
2 a.m. (4:11)
Monarch Jump (2:19)
Wine Box (2:40)
Waltz in D (3:25)
Snitram’s Palace (5:54)
Dutch Mushrooms (4:45)
Night Light (2:51)
If That’s My Prayer Book (Let Us Pray) (4:41)
Still Alone (5:27)
Let Me Have My Fun (3:14)
Ghost Train (2:18)
You’re In Love (That’s Alright) (4:40)
So Sad (3:25)
Cold Hearted (4:15)
Choices (3:48)
Reasons (5:15)