The Mighty Swine
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The Mighty Swine

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Classic Rock


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"The Cincinnati Bell / WEBN Fireworks"

September 5, 2009

Riverfest: What you need to know

By Lori Kurtzman

OK, let's get the most important part out of the way first:

The Cincinnati Bell/WEBN Fireworks are at 9:05 p.m. Sunday.

You can watch them on Channel 5 - or you can head toward the Ohio for Riverfest, which kicks off at noon and is expected to draw more than 250,000 people.

Details are important here, and so is patience - and arriving early.

Organizers suggest heading toward the river by 3 p.m. Any later and driving, parking and finding a viewing spot could become the hassle that ruins your Riverfest fun.

And now for the fun stuff. The music lineup:

Lower Serpentine Wall

Noon: Decadent Roots
1:30 p.m.: Rootbound
3 p.m.: Lunapollo
4:30 p.m.: One Man Electrical Band
6 p.m.: Philosopher's Stone
7:30 p.m.: Session 9

P&G Pavilion
Noon: Cletus Romp
1:30 p.m.: Flaregun
3 p.m.: Void Where Prohibited
4:30 p.m.: The Mighty Swine
6 p.m.: 8 KOunt
7:30 p.m. Calloused

And don't forget about the Rubber Duck Regatta, now in its 15th year.

At 3 p.m., more than 85,000 rubber ducks race down the Ohio in a benefit for the Freestore Foodbank.

Buy a duck and you win a 2010 Honda Insight and maybe even $1 million.

And finally, don't forget the rules: no alcohol, no weapons, no wheeled items (bikes, scooters, etc.), no pets, no coolers. Bring blankets and radios and the people you love.

- Cincinnati Enquirer


Dec. 1, 2009 -

Considering the stacks upon stacks of CDs that are sent in for review, occasionally it is an album cover and a band name that causes one to spin a disc, at least as far as independent releases and albums on tiny labels are concerned. Precious time does not allow a spin of every disc received. If any critic dealing in high volume CD traffic tells you different, then he/she is lying. Such was the case with THE MIGHTY SWINE's self-titled debut album. As it turns out, such selection methods are riddled with faulty logic.

Formed by bassist/vocalist Mike Skimmerhorn (ex-CJSS/CHASTAIN) for the sole purpose of playing loud guitar rock, THE MIGHTY SWINE accomplishes that purpose, albeit to often mediocre results. The style is straight up riff-heavy rock with basic song construction and generally effective, if middle of the road, soloing. Skimmerhorn's vocals are not exactly pitch perfect, but are a bit better than tolerable. The first several songs — "Everlast", "Layin' Down the Law", and "Human Sacrifice" — are fairly strong, even approaching sizzling in the riff/lead department. A drumming style that is basic to a fault; the awful '80s drum production makes it seem worse than it is though. A couple of other tunes like "Your Own Creation" and "Lost" aren't bad either. But the rather odd acoustic/electric detour of "Madam Adam" goes south quickly and the chorus of "My Luv 4 U" is irksome at best, even though the tracks' swing is moderately attention-grabbing. "Why Tell me Why" just doesn't work. The cover of CREAM's "Sunshine of your Love" is at least passable.

Even with the misses, THE MIGHTY SWINE has a generally likeable in-your-face quality and there are moments you can hear what is most likely a strong live act, the kind that would go over well in a packed bar where the beer flows like a river. Whether that's enough to justify the purchase of a very average rock album is debatable.

- Scott Alisoglu - (Roadrunner Records)

"The Mighty Swine Carry the 80's Metal Torch"

Jun 29, 2009.

The Mighty Swine Carry the '80s Metal Torch
Alex L. Weber

In discussions on Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the phrase “veteran rockers” basically means “old dudes with electric guitars” (or “badasses turned corporate vacuoles turned money-hungry corpses in makeup writhing around on a stage” if we’re talking about Aerosmith), but as long as they’re playin’ it loud and proud, age ain’t nothin’ but a number, right?

Kinda like Thruster, The Mighty Swine never fully grew out of those leather-clad and poodle-headed ‘80s Metal days of yore, a time when the guitars ran wild and so did the groupies and the V.D. Organized by bassmaster Mike Skimmerhorn (of CJSS and Chastain fame) back in September ‘07, The Mighty Swine is a power trio featuring David Byrge on lead guitar and Dann Norris on drums. Everyone sings, so expect some sweet high harmonies on those monster ballads.

The Swine kicked off their “Let ‘Em Eat Swine 2009” tour a couple days ago in Marietta, Georgia Rock City. After hitting the Colerain Quaker Steak and Lube this coming Thursday at 6 p.m. (no joke!), they’ll be opening on Friday for the wrinkled, heroin-wreaked Hard Rock denizens known as Adler’s Appetite, a supergroup featuring Guns N’ Roses drummer/Celebrity Rehab star Steven Adler and some buddies of his from hair-Metal bargain-basement also-rans Faster Pussycat, E’Nuff Z’Nuff and Quiet Riot. The show goes down at Riverstar Entertainment Complex in the East End and starts at 8 p.m. (Tickets are $15 a piece or $25 for two, so drag your spouse along and save.) The Swine also have future opening dates with (what remains of) Skid Row, L.A. Guns, Dokken, Lita Ford and Great White in the works.

In all seriousness, these dudes do sound like (a) they know how to rock a riff and (b) they know how to have a good time. So all you scuzzbuckets (like me) who are still hangin’ on to that ragged-out cassette copy of Slaughter’s Stick It to Ya should just do yourself a favor and catch these Swine wallowin’ around in their Heavy Metal indulgences with their friends on a stage near you.
- City Beat


Homónimo Enviado por Lucas Gordon el Vie, 21/08/2009 - 10:13.

The Mighty Swine

Lista de canciones

Layin’ down the law
Human sacrifice
My luv 4 u
Madam adam
Your own creation
Light of day
Why tell me why
Sunshine of your love

El disco debut de esta agrupación de Cincinnati, Ohio llega a mis manos para que se lo comparta a todos los fans del buen rock and roll.
Mike Skimmerhorn ya es digamos, un veterano de la movida metal por su performance en CJSS y Chastain y en el 2007 decidió empezar con esta nueva etapa.
Este cd titulado con el nombre de la banda esta conformado por 40 minutos divididos en 10 canciones del más clásico hard rock.
Claramente influenciados por rock duro de los ochentas, en este opus encontraras una gran cantidad de machaques y bases en una velocidad media, aunque por momentos aceleradas sin ser extremas en lo absoluto.
“Layin’ down the law” es un tema bien marchoso, de base medio lenta, pero potente.
The Mighty Swine propone un album inolvidable para los amantes de agrupaciones como Broken Teeth, Circus of Power y American Dog, por mencionar algunas buenas bandas tradicionales aunque la voz de Mike es menos aguda pero igual de cruda.
Lo recomiendo.

Formación / Line up

Mike Skimmerhorn Voz/Bajo
Dann Norris Voz/Bateria
David Byrge Voz/ Guitarra
Valóralo tú también:

The debut album by this group from Cincinnati, Ohio comes to my hands to share it to all fans of good rock and roll.

Mike Skimmerhorn already say, a veteran of the metal scene for his performance in CJSS and Chastain and in 2007 decided to start this new phase.

This CD entitled with the name of the band is comprised of 40 minutes divided into 10 tracks of classic hard rock.

Clearly influenced by hard rock of the eighties, this opus will find a lot of bases in a crush and average speed, although at times accelerated without being extreme at all.
"Layin 'down the law" was a funky good of average bass slow but powerful.

The Mighty Swine proposes a memorable album for fans of groups like Broken Teeth, Circus of Power and American Dog, to name some good traditional bands though Mike's voice is less acute but equally harsh.

I recommend it.

- The Metal Portal (Spain)


EVERLAST - June 25, 2009
LUST / Pagan Holiday (Single) - May 29, 2012



Their debut disc on Broad Horizon Records, Inc. featuring guitarist David Warren Byrge (Burning Iris) earned them a spot on Hard Rock Nights Best of 2009 Playlist and airplay on numerous stations including; WEBN, WTUE, WKID, WKDT, The Metal Madman Radio Show, Pure Rock Radio, and Rock Hard Radio among others.

They have opened for Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Dokken, Skid Row, LA Guns, Adlers Appetite, and others, while headlining their own shows throughout the Mid West during their Let 'Em Swine 2009 Tour.

Their bootleg video of 'Layin Down the Law' from an opening slot with Dokken made it on NME's Highlights early 2010.

The guys recently finished up work on their second disc with new guitarist, Joe Riley, in April 2012 and enlisted Rich Lewis (Where Angels Suffer, W.A.S.) for vocal production and backing vocals.

Joe joined the Swine ranks in Jan 2012 and is a well respected guitar player whose solo work & work in Liquid Fire has gained national recognition among industry & peers alike.

The new single for LUST / PAGAN HOLIDAY drops May 29, 2012 on Broad Horizon Records, Inc. and will also produce their first professionally shot video: LUST video premiere May 29 as well (Morgan Visual).