The Mike Roberts Band

The Mike Roberts Band

 Baldwinsville, New York, USA

From the rage of 60's rock to the roots of the deep blues, a wide spectrum of influences shapes the sound of this high energy three piece band.


It was at the age of 13 when Mike Roberts first scavenged through his basement to find his father’s old Les Paul guitar, and within the first few moments of taking that guitar out of it’s case he realized what his life would soon become. It wasn’t more than a year after he started playing when he first hit the local music scene. He sold out bars and clubs, and started gigging frequently around the Syracuse area. His life immediately become 100% devoted to music. During the time from when he would come home from school, to before his shows later in the night, he would spend his afternoons practicing, listening, and studying the music of blues and rock legends such as B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Duane Allman, Jimmie Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall II, Jimi Hendrix, Derek Trucks and a long list of others. Amazed with the soul of the old blues and roots music, but moved by the power of 60’s era rock, Mike would soon manufacture his own sound compiling all of these influences.

The year 2009 saw the creation of The Mike Roberts Band, consisting of brothers Brett and Corey Hobin, whom are the son's of 1970's rock icon Todd Hobin, both of which have a lifetime of experience touring, recording, and have been apart of a family of legendary musicians. The recording of the band's first self titled EP was produced over the summer of 2009, and released on iTunes in September. While the new album not only showcases Mike’s musical talent and songwriting, it showcases his abilities as a producer and the chief mixing engineer. The new band was barely a month old before hitting the music circuit hard already sharing the stage with names such as Pat Travers and Kim Simmonds, as well as receiving local radio airplay. In 2010, the band has been working on their next full length album, and recently released a new single available for free download online. Mike is a part of every aspect of his music by managing himself and recording and releasing his music independently.

Mike has gained experience working for live sound production companies as well as in engineering in the studio, both of which with many national acts and commercial household names. Now 17 years old, he is currently attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA to further his education as a producer and sound engineer and has a limited schedule available for booking throughout the north east. Please contact management at

"When you hear him you know he's got the gift. That soulful bluesy thing flows out of him automatically."
- Todd Hobin: Hobin Studios, Todd Hobin Band, Full Cast Audio, and more.

"It's a pleasure to find a promising musician with so much talent around here. Keep up the good work."
- Mike Cambareri: WECW Radio 107.7 - Elmira, NY


Coming Home

Written By: Mike Roberts

Don’t worry baby, everything will be all right
Don’t worry baby, this love is out of sight
There are, blue sky’s up above, sun and warmth to love
A thousand words describe your smile your face and your eyes,
and now I just wanna see

But I’m coming on home

Saturday could never come so soon, so I can be there with you
I’ll just forget the days and throw away the schedule, there’s nothing that’d be much better

I wanna wake up to your hand in mine, then hold on till the end of time
Keep the light on so I can see your face, then forget the world, forget this place

But I’m coming on home

And I know, that this feels right inside
And I know, that you seemed to be sent down through the sky
And I know, that if there was only one thing I could ever do
And I know, I’d ask, for you.

But I’m coming on home

The Last Time

Written By: Mike Roberts

I saw you go away for the first time
I barely even had you in my mind
The pain inside just won’t go away
This is a new game for me to play

You better never come back
You better choose your path

Cause I’m movin on babe
And I'm finding my way
I’m gonna shut you right out of my life
This better be the last time
This better be the last time

I loved you
But you didn’t feel the same
You pretended, like you didn’t even know me
So I just drove away



"The Mike Roberts Band" - Self Titled E.P. (September 2009)

"Tired of You" - Single (January 2010)

Set List

The Last Time
Coming Home
Moving Strong
My Life
Only One
Blues on Steroids
High Up
Our Story
Don't Worry
Good Thing
Tell Me
Tired of You

Stormy Monday
With a Little Help From My Friends
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad
El Ron

Set is constantly growing and changing!