The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club

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MHC has one goal, we want to make music that will be as timeless as the music we grew up listening to. I woudln't be writing this if I didn't believe in us, we're from Arizona, when's the last time you heard anyone from Arizona? we have more then what it takes to make a difference in peoples lives.


One day I was at a Dom Kennedy meet & greet, I was walking around till a close friend came up to me & said, "Do you ever get tired of coming to these things to meet people in the position that you wish you were in?" & I just stood there & thought to myself "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING HERE!?!?!?". From that point on, I made it my goal to make my presence, our presence known in the music industry. it was never about the cars I could buy, it was never about the designer clothes or the woman I could have. It was about changing the state that music is in as we speak. I want to make my own music, not the music that people from record labels tell me to make. So yeah, that was what basically jump started this whole movement that we have going on in our city. I can't lie to you & tell you that we have a million radio singles out or that we have a album out because we don't at this point in time, although we are working on it. My whole life this is what I've wanted to do, I used to go outside & pretend that I was putting on a show for people who weren't even there. I would write raps in my composition books at school, raps that my teachers would eventually find & talk to my mom about. So I know this is what I was meant to do, I've had a feeling about it my entire life. I can't necessarily tell you who our influences are, I don't want to be cliche & say "I influence myself" or "I'm my inspiration" but in a way, I am. Mainly because we've done things that most people don't really get to do, we went out & chased every single dream we had. We don't sound anything like what you're used to hearing. That's what I pride myself in. We've discovered our own style & we embraced it. The first time I performed it felt so good, it came so natrual to me. I was so nervous when they handed me the microphone, but as soon as that beat came on & that bass dropped, it all came together & we all killed it. I guess I should've mentioned this in the beginning but I go by the name of Bennett Haze, I am the founder of the group The Mile High Club or MHC for short. But I'm not a one man band, there is also L.Tom, Nifty & Ree Blvd. Each of us have acquired our own style, you can definitely hear it on our songs. We each bring a different element to each record. I know as soon as you hear our music compared to the other artists in Arizona you will be able to see what sets us apart. We have dedication, ambition, the right mindset & most of all, talent. This is what we've always dreamed of, I'm tired of going to see other people let out their emotions on that stage. It's our turn.


LPs: Unknown Gods (coming soon)

Singles: Unknown Gods, Black & Mild, Beep Beep, Realest Ever