The Miller Anderson Band

The Miller Anderson Band


Miller has his roots in the blues having been in both Keef Hartley Band and Savoy Brown. Our music is more rock than blues now as featured on both our last studio album and our new live double. Miller is a well respected musician see biog for more information see


Miller was a member of the Keef Hartely Band who played after Santana at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, he has since played with Savoy Brown, Deep Purple, Jon Lord, T Rex, Spencer Davis, Mountain and Donovan amongst others.

He also turned down invitations to join Blood Sweat and Tears and Chicago.

So his roots are in the blues but is not a purist, much of our repertoire is more rock than blues


Miller has been featured on more albums than can be listed here including 5 albums for Keef Hartley for which he wrote most of the material, one album with Savoy Brown that he also wrote most of the material for. He has also been featured on albums by Deep Purple, Ian Hunter, The Dukes, Mountain, T Rex and many more.

He as released 5 studio solo albums and has just had a live double cd released.

Set List

Most of the bands material has been witten by Miller and features tracks from both Keef Hartley days and Savoy Brown plus his solo albums, we only do a few covers under his arrangements