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"Sleeping Is The Hardest Part EP Review"

It seems to be fairly important that the mime set don’t have capital letters when they’re stating their name. An idea that is entirely applicable to the way that this band operates. Rather than stamping their authority on your aural sensors, their understated music drifts into your ears like the voice of a siren carried on thin whisps of fog.
A band that appears to relish understatement, the mime set rely heavily on the beautiful interplay of Sam Wareing’s voice and the intelligent guitar lines of Andrew Watson. Anything else would be a distraction, and to be honest something that got in the way of Wareing’s voice (imagine Kristen Hersh and Kate Bush slugging it out) would be nothing short of scandalous.
13,000 feet, the opener here is a fine statement of purpose, wistful and most importantly so different to the majority of the ‘indie’ bands that try to emote profoundly when they really have nothing to whine about other than how ordinary they are. the mime set craft their songs carefully, and it shows. Rather than panic and throw a more up tempo track in to the mix early on, they wait until track three and Northern Boy. A bit of angry guitar and a solid beat, it would appear that the mime set might just have a copy of PJ Harvey’s Rid of Me tucked away somewhere. Elsewhere, the experimentalism of Vespertine era Bjork gets a look in but rather than shamelessly poach ideas, the mime set adapt influences and make songs that are very much their own.
Sleeping Is The Hardest Part is an impressively fragile collection of songs but it has a spirit that will find its way quietly into your hearts and minds.
- Losing Today (UK)

"Sleeping Is The Hardest Part EP Review"

Australia's The Mime Set primarily focuses on creating tense, droning music that gracefully incorporates intricate guitar atmospherics, a subtle cello presence and the caterwauling of vocalist Sam Wareing.

Most of the EP's songs unfold gradually. "Northern Boy" is the most immediate track here, providing solid evidence that The Mime Set are capable of crafting a steady three and a half minute rock song without losing sight of their governing aesthetic. Conversely, "Ladder to the Sun" shows the band at their most brittle: it contains next to no rock elements and has more of a tribal, Southeast Asian feel. The seven-minute "You're No Good" is the EP's most cathartic moment, and its best overall song: the guitar builds a shrieking wall of noise and the vocals ebb and flow over it until a somber cello melody brings the piece to a close.

Sleeping is the Hardest Part produces mixed results, but clearly shows that The Mime Set are no one-trick pony. The band remains relatively fresh throughout the EP -- each song is its own slowly-developing, yet altogether distinctive, entity. Overall, it's a promising effort.
- Splendid (USA)

"13,000 Feet single review"

With a voice which sits somewhere between Katie Steele and Björk, ethereal, echoing, backwards guitars and an almost militaristic drum line, the Mime Set do enough with 13,000 Feet to warrant the listener's undivided attention - and a repeat listen, because like any good song, there are enough textures here to guarantee that you'll here something new during listen number two, three, four... - Beat Magazine (Aus)

"LCUK Show Review"

Imagine a musical cross between Mogwai and The Dirty Three, with the addition of a female vocalist - Man About Town Blog

"The Mime Set Canberra Live Review"

...eloquent and beautiful…weaving raw emotions, and at times applying unsettling pop melodies, which leave you touched with awe and definitely moved… - BMA Magazine

"Sweet Cowboy Show Review"

The accompanying music from the Mime Set has a languid, enigmatic feel - The Age

"Northern Boy (Wave of Noise)"

Northern Boy is a rush of black clouds and a flash of lightening, with a violent blend of post-rock guitars and Chrissie Amphlett-style vocal sulk. Local outfit The Mime Set launch their new album, I've Only Ever Lived in Rivertowns, with a three-minute razorback rock tune that creeps, chills and dashes you against the rocks; singer Sam Wareing thrashing about in her bed as her heads is filled with very bad thoughts. Excellent. - Beat Magazine

"I've Only Ever Lived In Rivertowns album review"

“It shimmers like the heat haze on the horizon of a desert highway. The Mime Set have taken their live reputation and seared its energy into almost every minute… the result is an album that sounds real and immediate… The Mime Set have captured the tense atmosphere of a live performance and forged an outstanding debut album.” - Rip It Up Magazine 16/04/08

"I've Only Ever Lived In Rivertowns album review"

“...local music’s best-kept-secret, The Mime Set’s debut album, I’ve Only ever Lived In Rivertowns. There are only seven tracks on this stunning album, but every single one of them qualifies as genuine stand-outs...In a better world, this would be music that is listened to on a daily basis by those wanting examples of uncompromising art that needn’t be obscure. A must.” - Inpress Magazine 30/04/08

"I've Only Ever Lived In Rivertowns album review"

“…a stunningly successful disc… with a combination of a taut, poetical elegance and a smart lyrical delivery this band breathes life into every song. The Mime Sets strengths are its confidence and refusal to sacrifice its integrity. There's a carefully orchestrated and yet subtle beauty in each of the seven songs that ping like rubber-bands. This is an album of spirited and spiritual rock that's encouragingly grand in scope…” - dB Magazine 30/04/08


I've Only Ever Lived In River Towns album: March 2008
sleeping is the hardest part EP: 2005 (MGM/Glitterhouse)
promise lies sleeping in our debris EP: 2004
you've wounded me and now you'll pay EP: 2003



The Mime Set will be based in Berlin from July 7 until October 15 2008 to tour their debut album. They are now securing shows in Germany, the Benelux, Northern France Spain and Italy and Switzerland.

Released in April 2008, I’ve Only Ever Lived In Rivertowns has been a long time coming, a simmering 7-track 40 minute set with a brooding, visceral pulse, recorded live to 8-track tape with one purpose – to finally capture the band’s confrontational live atmosphere on record.

Desire, tension, loss, drowning and violence are the primary themes in candid lyrics and searing sheets of noise recorded by respected Japanese producer Nao Anzai who has worked with many of Melbourne’s post-rock cognoscenti (Laura, The Night Terrors, Grey Daturas, Because Of Ghosts).

“The heat was brutal because the studio was a tin-roofed garage,” smiles guitarist Andrew Watson, who along with singer Ms. Sam Wareing, bassplayer Justin Avery, drummer Chris Chapple and the multi-purpose Jonathan Shannon, comprised a hot, dirty Mime Set, “I think it helped give the tracks their ferocity and rawness.”

I’ve Only Ever Lived In Rivertowns is an album for all the in-between moments – an intense lifetime packed into an intense two years, wall-of-guitar loops and FX, a tensile voice and a simmering pulse boiling over into a fractured beauty compared to Kristin Hersh, The Dirty Three, Palodine, Mary Timony, The Sonora Pine, PJ Harvey and Howling Bells.

Live performance is where The Mime Set excels and the supernatural spirit of their live shows has led to gigs such as the National Gallery of Victoria’s opening of internationally-known photographer Bill Henson’s Retrospective exhibition and supports with some of Australia's darkest, most intelligent acts like Silver Ray, Sixfthick, Hugo Race & True Spirit, Black Pony Express, The Spoils and Penny Ikinger plus shows from Brisbane to Adelaide. They’ve also received airplay on national broadcaster JJJ and community stations like RRR, PBS, FBi and 2SER and admiring reviews in Beat, Inpress, BMA, Losing Today (UK) and Splendid (US).

Being launched with an extensive Australian touring schedule in April 2008 followed by their first European dates in July/August 2008, I’ve Only Ever Lived In Rivertowns will be on digital release available globally through SugarRush Digital and in Australia and New Zealand through MGM Distribution.

"Anything could happen. But we will get there with our beautiful, uneasy noise, eating our fear and launching ourselves at the future. What choice do we have?"