The Mindsight
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The Mindsight

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Band Alternative Metal


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Alterspective EP (2005)
The Gathering (2007)
Incarnate (2011)



The Mindsight is a group of strong-willed, creative visionaries, limited only by the very will that makes them a musical force. The band is comprised of 4 individuals that could, by every right, be the creative leadership behind most any band on the planet. Therein, lies the source of conflict and resolution that propels the band to their beautiful balance of musical uniquity.
The music of The Mindsight is difficult to describe mostly due to its genre-combining nature. One that could have them associated with platforms ranging from Nu-Metal to Acoustic Balladry, from Hard Rock/Alternative to the musical mathematics of Prog. All such forms of artistic expression could most certainly be found over the course of an album but at times, even within the several minute confines of a song.
Needles to say, limiting The Mindsight to any one category would be exactly that - limiting. Something that this particular band refuses to heed, aside from recognizing it as part of the english language.
As one might expect, the group's musical influences span just as far as their potential classifications. And although certain influences are more apparent than others, it is the mélange of these influences, bonded by the commonalities that have allowed the band to evolve into such a creative manifestation.
All genres aside, The Mindsight is a fresh and original combination of aggressive modern rock elements, smoothed over by intelligent song-writing sensibilities and melodic composition.
The Mindsight is rarely bound to commercial formula, with song lengths varying from 3-10 minutes and structures just as diverse. Yet, through a combination of strong vocal hooks and equally riffy guitar parts, they manage not to stray too far beyond the realm of mainstream accessibility. That being said, the artistry of The Mindsight is such that it will demand a certain degree of “bending” from the majority of listeners.
While at a glance one might be drawn by guitars and vocals, much of the band's true artistry is derived from its exceptionally talented rhythm section. Both drums and bass are a continual source of intrigue while listening to The Mindsight, although the complexity of their parts is rarely overt. Their tastefully flashy arrangements are notable to the trained ear, yet, not too intimidating for the average listener. As such, the music begs to be given due attention that goes well beyond one's initial introduction.
Just as with the music, the lyrical depth may not be initially perceived, in part, due to the unique vocal styling’s of the two frontmen. While the content can range from the most personal of vulnerabilities to the wonders of the spiritual plane, The Mindsight's lyrics are seldom conventional.
Many of the bands' personal philosophies and visions are expressed via the lyrical medium. Often, they will delve into concepts surrounding our connection to the universe and the powers of the mind. Moreover, the mentality of questioning one's self and the very rules that govern our countries, lives and existence.
The Mindsight believes that music is the language of the universe and nourishment for our souls, thus, they have the utmost respect the crucial role it plays.
As with any art form and life in general, music is constantly evolving and the energy is merely borrowed. The Mindsight sees their music as no different. “It takes a shape that is subject to choice influences, casting a reflection of that which came before it.”
Keeping this in mind brings us to an understanding that is the paramount hope and desire of The Mindsight;
“To propel this most wondrous of known universal cycles and reciprocate the creative beauty that has been bestowed upon us.”