the minor canon

the minor canon


well crafted indie rock / sad pop songs whose arrangements and instrumentation pay homage to both memphis soul and 60's psychedelic rock.


the minor canon is an indie rock band from los angeles, calif.
described as “honest-to-god stellar-sad pop” (oc weekly) and “memphis soul on an indie bender” (blackbook magazine), the minor canon was also hailed as one of “10 bands to watch in 2007” by the los angeles times: “so there might not be much commercial potential in a seven-piece with a horn section, but the music is as heartfelt and as inventive as it gets.” the la weekly named the band’s debut album, “no good deed goes unpunished” as one of the “10 best local albums of 2007”: “the members of the minor canon are veterans of the silverlake scene and it shows throughout, with larson’s lyrical maturity and meticulous, layered arrangements.”

what started as a solo project of songwriter/singer/multi-instrumentalist paul larson (of strictly ballroom, dntel, athalia) has now evolved into a sextet ensemble with a trumpet, trombone, piano and an organ. larson’s guitar work can also be heard on dntel’s “dumb luck” album (sub pop), a project of jimmy tamborello (postal service), which also features conor oberst of bright eyes and jenny lewis of rilo kiley.

the minor canon has performed with acts such as jose gonzalez, johnette napolitano (concrete blonde), david bazan (pedro the lion), pity party, the little ones, the henry clay people and le switch. the band has also played several los angeles festivals, including the fuck yeah fest, the summer strummer and sunset junction.

“emptiness is form” will be the minor canon’s newest release on june 2, 2009, the follow-up to their 2007 debut album.


"no good deed goes unpunished" 2007
"mondays in spaceland" Live april 2007
"emptiness is form" 2009

Set List

the minor canon's set is usually between 45 minutes & 1 hour.
they play original songs from both albums "no good deed..." & "emptiness..."
they have covered songs by wolf parade, the kinks, kanye west, nirvana and pavement.