The Minor Offense

The Minor Offense


We don't sound as generic as alot of bands can. We put our hearts and feelings into all our songs and play them so all of our fans will leave happy.


The Minor Offense is a post-hardcore band formed in the boston area. It consists of Ben Semeta, Andrew Stokoe, Greg Gavigan, Steve Instasi and Dennis Lewoczko Jr. The band kicked off in 2005/2006 when Greg Gavigan entered the band to play bass and bring more screaming. Until late 2007, Ben Semeta was singing for the band. They then asked Dennis to stop by a practice and go over a few songs. After having Dennis come by a few practices, the band knew that Dennis was what they needed. The band is now working on new music all the time and are always looking for shows.


We recorded a full length last summer when Ben Semeta was singing for us and that was alot of work for 14-17 year olds but now we have Dennis and we re-recorded our song "Life You Lead" with him and were told it is being played on Pixi.

Set List

As of now we have about 10 to 11 originals with a few in the making. Our sets can very in length depending on the shows, but we usually have enough songs to cover a 60min set. For covers, we tend to cover bands of today like Senses Fail and Underoath. We are also in the process of making a "hardcore cover" of the song made famous by Black Sabbath "Iron Man."