The Minor Three
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The Minor Three

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Band Rock Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"C.D. on songs. The Minor Three - "Figments""

"A furtive, low-toned guitar slips its head out around the corner, as if to check and make sure that the coast is clear before it motions the rest of the band into the mix. Like spies constructing his sniper rifle or some other form of cool machinery, The Minor Three get get to quick and efficient work in “Figments’” and their construction is simple and sturdy.

The two principle instruments in the mix are the slick and hangy guitar riff and a thumping, heart-beating “Five To One” bassline that steadily counts out a quarter-note timeline for the song. A firm yet understated drum part fills out the austere mix; providing a spacey atmosphere for the vocals to sort of swim calmly around in. The vocals speak in calm and measured phrases, leaving a rest between phrases, as if to let them sink in firmly.

The spacious sound of “Figments” allows the listener to feel as if they are not sitting in front of a band and witnessing a performance, it’s sort of a three dimensional thing, where the song seems to be occurring all around us. Different sounds come from a dynamic variety of points in the spectrum, making “Figments” a hearty yet easily-digested piece." - Boston Band Crush

"The Minor Three - Like You'd Seen a Ghost"

"I like my blues-rock rolled in dirt—coarse and grimy. That’s exactly what the Minor Three deliver on their debut full-length Like You’d Seen A Ghost. These nine stellar tracks rise above the fray of merely average bar-blues-rock bands with fantastic musicianship and a knack for inserting caterwauling guitar solos into their otherwise soulful rock. The guitar work is reminiscent of Neil Young, not so much in tone as in ferocity. These lads love to play the low-end too—both instrumentally and vocally—at times reminding me of Morphine fronted by a crack axe-man.

The Minor Three are the latest garage band to follow the footsteps of the White Stripes and the Black Keys, but don’t mistake them for mere followers of the next big trend. They bring originality, songwriting and musicianship to the table. The band has played together for little more than six months and show amazing promise. The record doesn’t feel like a bunch of tracks knocked out in the garage but more like road-tested songs worked out over endless run-through." (George Dow) - The Noise: Rock Around Boston

"Bandcamp Recommendations"

"The Minor Three are up next with their fine blues based garage rock... The album is Like You’d Seen A Ghost and you have to hear this one." - The Soda Shop - Bill Goodman (Blog)

"The Minor Three - Like You'd Seen a Ghost (2011)"

"Blues rock oscuro para amantes de los pantanos."

Google Translator: "Blues rock for lovers of dark swamps." -


Like You'd Seen a Ghost (4/2011)
Foreign Bodies (12/2011)



Our common goal when forming The Minor Three was to make music we feel good about and create a medium for us to share our unique perspective. Brian and Greg met after connecting via a craigslist ad, both looking for something new outside of their normal circles. There was an immediate connection and they quickly moved their equipment to a dedicated practice space to begin writing. Ben came on board a few months later and was a natural fit. We all work well together, our styles are complementary, and our vision is consistent. Most importantly, we all really like being in our band.

We’re big music fans who pay for what we listen to, but give ours away, asking only for voluntary donations to cover recording costs. Our influences are broad and include Indie, Americana, Psych, Folk, Old Country/Blues, Grunge, and Classic Rock. Though our style is regularly grouped with The Black Keys, we’ve also heard comparisons to The Hendrix Experience, Them Crooked Vultures, Tom Waits, Neil Young, and Johnny Cash. Our music is raw and thick. Using evocative lyrics and dynamic energy, our sound ranges from eerie quiet space to caterwauling guitar sounds.

We played our first show in September 2010 and since then we’ve been making the Boston-area rounds (Middle-East Upstairs, TT’s, Johnny D’s, Precinct, The Midway Café & a half-dozen others). We released our first album, “Like You’d Seen a Ghost”, in April 2011, and released a five song EP, “Foreign Bodies”, in December 2011. Both releases have gotten attention from local radio as well as several rock blogs. We continue to write new material and gig with a focus of making good tunes and expanding our fan base to find folks that connect with what we’re doing.