The Mint Chicks

The Mint Chicks


The Mint Chicks are based in Portland but are from New Zealand. They have 3 albums and 2 E.P's on the Flying Nun label. In 2007 they were awarded 5 New Zealand Music Awards incl. best album. Their latest album, Screens, recorded in Portland, debuted at #10 on the New Zealand album chart this month.

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Written By: Nielson/Nielson


Whirlwind Heat/Mint Chicks split 7" (Flying Nun/Third Man Records)
Octagon Octagon Octagon EP (Flying Nun)
Blue Team Go! 7" (Fierce Panda)
Anti-tiger (Flying Nun)
F**k the Golden Youth (Flying Nun)
Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! (Flying Nun)
Screens (Flying Nun)

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Set List

We have over forty songs but usually play between 20 songs (in New Zealand where we are most popular) and 10 songs (in Portland where we are based at the moment and have less of a following). Our usual set in the US is about 30 minutes but we can play anywhere up to about 2 hours.