The Minus Scale

The Minus Scale


The Minus Scale is a head on collision of melody and soundscapes. Their raw energy and intensity comes through their blistering bass lines, loud guitars, chaotic drumming, piano ambience and vocal melodies that are so catchy you'll be singing them for weeks. Sweat literally drips off their songs.


Armed with incredible talent and a stage show that could knock you over, The Minus Scale has skipped over the usual mediocrity of most other rock bands. Refraining from typical rock star antics, the band has been recognized for their constant interaction with fans, doing whatever it takes to sell records on the road with their warm and fuzzy demeanor. With their newest demo, they've proven again that they are a timeless example of a band that resists feeding off only what's hot right now, but drawing influences from classic rock, nineties alternative and post millennium retro rock to create a sound that is truly and uniquely their own.

Without rehashing what theyve learned from their influences such as Led Zeppelin, the Who, the Gin Blossoms, and Matthew Sweet, The Minus Scale has paid careful attention to the college rock scene of the eighties. You can hear the result in their songs with tunes reminiscent of bands like the Pixes, REM, Husker Du, and the Smiths.

Using simple, yet genuine and heartfelt, lyrics, The Minus Scale ensures that the audience walks away not only singing their songs in their heads, but feeling the emotion in their hearts. Witty and biting lyrics help The Minus Scale create a wall of sound with lead singer/guitarist Ryan Levasseur, basist AJ Tobey, Chris Delisle on guitars, keyboards and backing vocals and Pat Griffin on Drums.

Touring relentlessly for the past three years, The Minus Scale has had the privilege to share the stage with many fine bands including, but not limited to, The Adored, All Time Low, Amber Pacific, As Tall As Lions, Backstabbers Inc., Bayside, Blackpool Lights, Brighton, Catch 22, Cute Is What We Aim For, Damiera, The Fold, The Finals, The Forecast, Forgive Durden, Gin Blossoms, The Graduate, Junction 18, The Killing Moon, Limbeck, Lost City Angels, The Modern Day Saint, Monty Are I, Near Miss, No Trigger, Permanent Me, The Pink Spiders, Powerspace, Punchline, Quietdrive, Read Yellow, The Receiving End Of Sirens, Wheatus and Yo La Tengo.

When it seems as though bands these days are bent on making millions and selling albums, The Minus Scale throws a curve ball into reality as their genuine love of music and loyalty to their fans rank high on the top of their lists.


Hearts & Arrows

Written By: The Minus Scale

It’s not what it seems
Calm down come down
Let’s not make a scene
Let me explain myself in plain English
I’ve got this fire it’s burning me out
I took my time I figured it out
I’m not going anywhere

The smoke has settled
Was that so difficult
These long nights
And late drives won’t get old for a long time
But if you want to bring it up
And call it trust
All these late nights
And long drives will get old in no time

Why can’t you settle settle
Hearts and arrows
Always play the fool

And if this is just a game I like to play
Would I just say these things to anyone?
And if it’s so important to you
Why make plans?
And settle settle

(Settle down don’t get started
What a well laid plan for giving in
What do you think of the broken hearted?
Funny how they all end up here)

Recorded at Red Wire Audio by Bryan Russell
Produced by T. Martin
Guest vocals by Matthew Caws, courtesy of Barsuk Records

Rewind Rewind

Written By: The Minus Scale

She says I like you
Does she know me?
It doesn’t matter
She thinks ben gibbard is sexy
And if I answer her correctly
Will I find out exactly what she wants to show me
In the bedroom
She led me to
We were spinning all night long

Yeah. Theres not a lot of breathing
So we fell today

Whats the matter?
Where are you going?
We just got started is there something that im lacking
All of the pictures beneath her mattress
How I found out that I’d been snubbed by an actress

This charming man
Our maneuvers in the dark

Yeah. Theres not a lot of breathing
So we fell today

All of my life I’ve been waiting for you
Rewind Rewind
And sing a different tune

Yeah. Theres not a lot of breathing
So we fell today

Recorded at Red Wire Audio by Bryan Russell
Produced by T. Martin


Hotter (2008)
Your Friends And Mine (2007)
For Lack of Lights (2006)
Captain (2004)
Apathy! Apathy! (2003)
The Trouble With Normal (2002)

Set List

Say What You Mean
No Matter What I Say You're Going To Do It
The Archers
Don't You Want Me (Human League)
Rewind Rewind
Hearts & Arrows
I Can't Stop Laughing
Oh Disaster
Hotter and Hotter and Hotter