The Minutes

The Minutes


We are not as serious as we look up there. Its only been six months but things are moving fast. "Thy future looks bleak dear father, what are we to do?" "Fear not my young one, I have seen the future and it beckons me on. THE MINUTES be their name and the sweet justice of rock be their game."


The Minutes are a four piece rock outfit based out of Hamilton, Canada formed in the spring of 2006. The combination of Ignazio Perrelli (vocals, guitar), Marcus Faggion (guitar), Steve Tasker (drums), and Scott Whitmore (bass), has quickly resulted in an innovative, emotional, roots based rock environment. The Minutes have been sharpening their skills in the subterrainean world of basement rock preparing to enter the studio as well as jumping on the Sounthern Ontario rock circut.
Led by the hard driving guitar and up front vocals of Iggy and complimented by the roots based rock guitar of Marcus The Minutes have found a rock sound they can call their own. Add to the mix the hard driving rhythm section of Scott and Steve and The Minutes are poised to be a common fixture on the rock stage.


Just finished recording a solid four track demo! Have a listen!

Set List

A typical 45 min. set.
-Fear of the Fearless
-My Guitar is a Friend
-Creep (Radiohead)
-Mr. Birthday Bones
-Walk With Me
-Pain Away
-Soul to Squeeze (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
-Stone to Bleed