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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2020
Duo Electronic Ambient





June 28, 2009

Great performance from both of you at "Build" on June 27th. Sarah your voice is simply enchanting, Gary playing your synths seem to be an extension of you, the music is deep and natural. The performance and sound production were Excellent, very clean and professional.

Thank you for a great evening. - Karim Nassar


March 8, 2009

Hi Gary & Sara, I'm a friend of Steve Hirsh and also had the pleasure of playing with you at Zorthian's last Sunday and in October. I also play at Remo every Wednesday night and would like to second his invitation. I love your singing and synths. It has just the ethereal feel I'm looking for in the soundtrack to a meditation work of video art I'm putting the finishing touches to. Please contact me and I'll send you my phone number; I'd love to discuss collaborating with you on this project. Hope to see you at Remo too. - Ken Moore


Blast Away (1997)

Blast Away: Live at the Lumpy Gravy (1999)

Hidden Soundtracks of the Found Mind (2005)

Beyond Infinity (2006)

Onward (2010)

Quadrant Motions (2010)

Moments of Infinity (2011)

Year of COVID (2020)

Still Life (2020)

Soul and Matter (2022)



SARAMA<>MIRAZ has it’s origins dating back to the late 90’s as  “Blast Away” which featured synthesist MIRAZ, keyboardist and later Vocalist SARAMA. Blast Away played in the Los Angeles underground scene and was a staple at the legendary Lumpy Gravy. The band has two releases 1997’s “Blast Away” and 1999’s “Live at the Lumpy Gravy”
MIRAZ is known for his graphic design work in the music industry and television. A graduate of Otis-Parsons, He worked in-house as a graphic artist and art director for various record labels and production houses. In 2000 Gary recorded an ambient album with legendary German television host, folk, pop experimental, New Age pioneer star Suzanne Doucet entitled “Resonance”. That album has since become a staple in the ambient music scene and is played on countless radio stations around the world. The track “Dancing Shadows“ is known for it’s haunting MOOG Prodigy melody played by MIRAZ.
SARAMA studied the arts at Tehran University. Her uncle, Ferydoun Nassari was the head conductor for the Tehran symphony and a musicologist. At Tehran University, she was surrounded by the future who's who of the now classical Persian composers and instrumentalist. Sarama theorizes "Music and visual art was an obsessive escape in a most turbulent time for our generation in Iran. It continues to this day”
SARAMA’s two ambient albums, 2005’s Beyond Infinity and 2010’s Moments of Infinity are deep instrumental ambient albums released on the pairs independent MIRAZ MUSIK label. "They are journeys that I transcribed to help people sleep and meditate, me being one of them.
"SARAMA and I work so well together. Aside from being married, we are a team ." MIRAZ explains. "Her vocals are haunting, delicate and powerful, she is instantly recognizable. Recently she has done vocals with the jazz ensemble 'Bakers Brew'. The band is headed by Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa drummer Maury Baker. She has also done vocals for also Zappa alumnus and Tim Buckley drummer Buddy Helm.
During the first few months of the 2020 Pandemic Sarama and Miraz released independently three different albums Year of Covid by Miraz, Still Life by Sarama and Soul and Matter by both. Soul and Matter caught the ear of sax and electronics musician Jim Goetsch and released it on his psychosomatic records label.
Their MIRAZ MUSIK STUDIO has a variety of classic hardware analog and digital synthesizers, drum machines and FX. The recording devices consist of 4 DAW systems and analog tape recorders. Steinbergs Nuendo coupled with a Steinberg Houston Controller, A 2nd DAW system running Reaper, Open Labs NEKO and Korg D3200. The Analog devices are a Sony TC-440, Yamaha KX-W332 and Denon DR-M30HX.