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The MirrorMen

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Rock Classic Rock


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Meet... The MirrorMen


Feeling a bit camera shy


In the summer of 2008, Mark Menkevich, jamming guitar player since 6th grade, was repairing a broken band, Carnelian, with his friend and singer Matt Torres. Needy of a new bassist, he randomly called a grade-school classmate of his who took bass lessons at his job. The bassist's name was Ian McShea. At first, Ian was reluctant, being an ambitious, but only a novice bass player, and never truly acquainted with Mark. However, after a first practice in Mark's basement, Matt and Mark loved his ska/punk style, and Carnelian was almost complete. They wrote a few songs, including The Raven, The Crusade, and ROTZ, and did some Coheed and Cambria covers, and, for a while, it was good.

However, drummers were very low in stock, and Carnelian jumped around with a few drummers, but mostly worked acoustically. The original drummer unfortunately was unable to stay with the band, and had to focus on his work. One talented drummer, Justin Ruppert, joined the band for a short time, playing a show at the Trocadero. He gave the band a very dark and intense rock sound, which was taken on eagerly, and, for a while, it was good. However, Justin unfortunately had schedule conflicts, and needed to prioritize, so he sadly left. Mark and Matt struggled to find a steady drummer, and tensions arose. The two went their separate ways, and Carnelian staggered.

During this time, Mark and Ian developed a close friendship, and worked on enhancing their playing, as well as writing new songs. The two worked for half a year putting together new music. Seeing the Carnelian was broken, the two operated under the band name "Dirty Jack" as a temporary alternative. They juggled with drummers a bit more. Before finding a drummer, Mark felt ambitious enough to take on another guitarist. He found Chris Urban, who was excellent at guitar, and added a very bee-bop style to the band. Also, one drummer, Bam, truly helped to enhance their playing. Bam was an amazing drummer, who jammed almost daily with talented friends. Ian and Mark attended a few of these Jam sessions, which enhanced their writing and playing even more. He added a very funk and jazz feeling to the band, and, for a while, it was good. However, Bam's crowded schedule and steady dedication to his church band compelled him to narrow his focus. Chris' job kept him busy, and he had to leave as well. They were gone, but they were great band-mates, and contributed so much to the band. So Ian and Mark were on the search again. Before they searched, however, they practiced more and more, getting better at what they do. The two learned a few Beatles' covers, and wrote new songs such as Serenity, Mirror Man, Vulnerable, Description, and a few others. Additionally, Mark thought that Ian was a talented singer, and he began to utilize this talent.

One day, during a short jam between the two in Mark's basement, Ian and Mark were watching themselves play in a mirror. Mark noticed that they always looked at their reflection, be it a mirror, a car window, or a puddle. He pointed out that this made them very vain. Ian stated that one should always look after the most important person one knows; one's self. He also said that humans are vain creatures regardless, and that vanity is a form of self-awareness. Recognizing this vanity, both of them, simultaneously, said "The MirrorMen!" aloud, and the name stuck.

Senior year came, and Mark's old high school, North Catholic, closed down. He took his education to Archbishop Ryan high school, where he found Anthony Zebrowski. Ant had been drumming for a little over a year, but was excellent, nonetheless. The three practiced at Mark's house, and a three piece was formed. They moved practices to Ant's basement, which was much more accommodating, and was where Mark and Ian met many new and cool friends, and played video games. Ant was very talented, and had many influences in his drumming. They wrote many more songs, too numerous and name, and, for a while, it was good.

Feeling complete, but wanting more, Mark did some searching for a lead guitarist. Ian and Ant weren't against it, but Ant wanted to focus more on the band, while Ian felt that it would be a good addition, but not essential. Mark didn't put too much effort into looking, wanting to work on the band at present, but did a little research.

In January of 2011, the band threw together a Blacklight Battle of the Bands in Philadelphia at the Local 22 Union Hall. The show was a hit, and many local bands got to be acquainted with each other and gained a larger fan base. The band is hoping to throw together another one in the Summer of 2011.

As the year winded down, Mark found that lead guitar he was looking for. And it was Rob Pallet. Rob Pallet was an amazing guitarist, singer, pianist and bassist! He joined the band, and his quirky attitude and Indie style was very much embraced by the three. His bass playing has been a great boon to Ian, who was excited to have someone who could give him p