The Mirror Trap

The Mirror Trap

 Dundee, Scotland, GBR

"Rabble rousing indie rockers The Mirror Trap unite the political passion of Billy Bragg with the angular chops of Franz Ferdinand to create razor-sharp, soapbox post-punk". – Q Magazine.

"Energetic Dundee noisesters, The Mirror Trap stake their claim, with synth and guitars aimed skyward over splintery grooves." Kerrang.


β€œWe've become dispensable, a generation lost, pack your bags we're moving out, there's not a place for us.” It’s a rallying call from a band with a voice, born and bred in Dundee, Scotland. Five musicians, collectively known as The Mirror Trap, whose self-produced EP, The Silent Men was released in March 15  on A Happy Death Recordings.

Fronted by the tall and very charismatic Gary Moore, this is a band stepping up to the mark and answering the call. They first graced London playing the iTunes Festival in September 2014 and as a result TMT's style of 'rock with hooks all over the place' was heard by thousands more as they hit the road supporting Placebo on all 20 dates of their UK tour in Feb March 2015, ending with two nights at the Hammersmith Apollo in London.  This was followed by their own UK club tour and European festivals over the summer, including Southside and Hurricane in Germany, St Gallen in Switzerland, Zottegem in Belgium and supporting Placebo again in Gorky Park, Moscow.

The band are genuine rock n roll romantics and their new material has been going down a storm in the live shows. TMT have recorded all the tracks for their new album in Karma studios in Thailand in September 2015 with the first single to be released later this year and full album release in Spring 2016.


Killing Time

Written By: Gary Moore,Paul Reilly,Michael McFarlane,Paul Markie

"The tragedy of our lives, is that we don't get to spend enough time, doing those things that remind us all that we're human". Killing Time is a bit of a pop song I guess. We initially wrote and recorded it a while back, but found that it grew into a new kind of monster when we played it live, so we wanted to record an updated version for this EP.

Its about the feeling that life is passing you by while you concern yourself with all the mundane tasks of modern life. I wrote it when I first started going out with my girlfriend, and I just wanted to spend all of my time with her, doing the things that young lovers do, but one of us would always have something urgent that needed to be done first, and when we could get a moment together it always felt like there was some shadow looming nearby, be it work stress, money worries, or one of the many other ultimately pointless concerns people get stuck with. It often feels like we have something to apologise for. I think we'd all be better people if we could do more of the things that make us happy.

Silent Men

Written By: Gary Moore,Paul Reilly,Ben Doherty,Paul Markie,Michael McFarlane

The world is a bit of a mess just now, and we are constantly made to believe that the mess has been caused by people in some way "below" us. That means we are always facing down and never take the time to look up and see the real evil that lurks above. Divide and conquer, it's an ancient tactic. If we are always suspicious of our neighbours we will be suitably distracted away from the real issues ruining our lives. If you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper you will more than likely be met with story about how immigrants and the lazy unemployed are a curse on the nation. With Silent Men I wanted to write something that went against this rhetoric. It is a story about a man I used to live next door to when I was young, the father of a friend of mine. A couple of years ago he lost the job he had had all of his life, and with it he lost his social standing, his authority as the head of his family and ultimately his pride. He would do anything to get it back, to work and to earn was what defined him as a man. Men like him are out there in vast numbers, they are the opposite of the "free-loading jobless layabouts" that we so often hear about, but no one ever speaks about them. If no one else was going to do it then I thought I might as well.
It's quite an odd song musically, its a bit sparse and doesn't really have a chorus, but people seem to really take to it when we play it at shows. It has become a the big climax point of our set. If any of us is still standing by the end of that song then it has been a failure, blood needs to be spilled. I could barely walk for a month after spraining my knee ligaments playing Silent Men at the iTunes festival. I wonder how many of the acts that played the festival ended their evenings in A&E?


  • February 2015 - Silent Men EP
  • February 2014 - Stay Young Album featuring singles American Dreams, Bell Street and Killing Time
Currently recording our next album in Karma Studios in Thailand - Autumn 2015

Set List

Our typical set would be around 30-40 minutes long, usually around 7 or 8 songs played. We have around 16 songs so just choose between them, whatever ones sound best at the time.
Or last set consister of...