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the Misconceptions

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Pop


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"CD sizzles"

Fresh and frisky, plucky and playful, "Super Orange Happy Sauce" has vaulted The Misconceptions into an aerie of music inhabited by the likes of the Lovin' Spoonful, Flo & Eddie, the Fugs, the Mothers, and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Never afraid to experiment and expand beyond all know borders and boxes of convention, the Miscons present a CD that sizzles with the nervous "I Got a Monkey" and sooths with the lilting "Comic Bookworm Fantasies." Among my favorites are the exotic vocal exchanges of "Ah-LOO" and "NY Hula" and the tasty "Milkshake." Just when I feared the Miscons were going "hair band" on me with the opening refrain of "Milkshake," they morph into a surf sound and ultimately into a doo-woppy lighter-flicker. The entire CD is a powerful piece of production, a walk down the midway of the band's ever-evolving "carnival rock."

- Charlie Adams -- host of "Charlie & Company" on WEEU, 830AM

"Most eclectic album in last 10 years..."

“Take equal parts Phish, Ben Folds Five, Broadway, and the funhouse at the Carnival. This only begins to describe the most eclectic and bold album I have heard in the last 10 years. You will be happy, perplexed, and pensive all in the same hour. Music can’t get any more original than what you will hear on this incredible album.” - Mark Landgraf --

"A true breakout venture..."

“Their self-titled CD can be considered a true ‘breakout’ venture as it dares to push beyond all boundaries and scoff at the need for a safety net. With lyrics that crawl craftily between the sardonic, the sarcastic, and the sentimental; and with lilting melodies and instrumentation that effectively employ cowbells to kazoos, mandolin to harpsichord; the CD examines and captures a range of emotions and experiences.” - Charlie Adams -- WEEU, Reading, PA

"The music is as fresh as the lyrics..."

“The music, which may be referred to as ‘carnival rock’, is as fresh as David Rossmer’s lyrics (which is saying a lot). Definitely a keeper!” - Maureen Carr -- Host, Blue Marsh Canteen


"Super Orange Happy Sauce" -- released 2006
"My Name is Rossmer" -- released 2003

co-wrote and are featured on Dan Lipton's single "Potted Politics", released 2005



The Misconceptions formed a few years back. With an ever-growing fan base and a wholly original sound (deemed "carnival rock"), the band returns with a brand spanking new 17-track album. And there are many happy faces now that The Misconceptions are playing their ever-changing live shows again -- after a short hiatus while Rossmer performed in a Broadway show and on TV as an actor.

The band is often compared to artists like Queen, Tom Waits, Phish, Ben Folds and The Beatles -- in essence, music and words that pull from a million different styles without the angst and burden of trying to save the world... just have fun.

David Rossmer (vocals, keyboards, ringleader) and Nathan A. Roberts (guitar, vocals, pony rides) started writing music together in Syracuse, New York in early 2002. They both had diverse musical backgrounds including classical training in various instruments, musical theater performance and production, and run-of-the-mill rock 'n roll...rocking.

If the music is a carnival, the members of the band are the showmen. The Misconceptions is made up of five unique, talented, and enthusiastic musicians, all who play multiple instruments.

The project that Rossmer and Roberts started recording in Syracuse would become the band's first album: "My Name is Rossmer." However, before the album could be completed, it needed a good beating. Kevin Adams (drums, vocals, house of mirrors) and Roberts grew up together in Southeastern Pennsylvania and had been in bands together since high school. It seemed only natural for Roberts to ask Adams to join in on the fun.

Rossmer recruited friend George Konidaris (saxophone, guitar, vocals, janitor), whom he had known since they were both kids in New York City. In addition to sax and guitar, Konidaris has also played the recorder, slide whistle, talking cow, keyboard, jaw harp, and cowbell on-stage -- the band's utility man.

The final attraction on the midway known as the Misconceptions is the bottom end. Brian Crotty (bass, vocals, tunnel of love) came to the band via his wife (yes ladies: he's taken), who was a coworker at one time or another of both Roberts and Adams. Though he originally signed on to play the bass and the bass alone, it was quickly discovered that his baritone was irresistible to the ladies, and his voice became featured in the band's live show.

After spending 2003-2004 playing in support of "My Name is Rossmer," exciting side projects and a not-so-exciting automobile accident forced the band to take a quick break from performing. However, in this time they did not stop writing and recording. While in the studio, the Misconceptions took what started as four new songs (most of which had become live favorites) and added to them an additional 13 songs, creating the long-awaited "Super Orange Happy Sauce," released this month. The band has now begun performing live dates again. They're bigger and badder and quirkier than before. Bring the carnival to your town!