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Houston, Texas, United States

Houston, Texas, United States
Hip Hop Pop




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"Crazy8 Giving Back With New Release"

?t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 has often been labeled as unconventional and even "insane" for his socially conscious, occasionally sarcastic brand of hip-hop. Some have also criticized his direct contributions to the homeless in Houston. The altruistic rapper is attempting to help "redefine insanity" by hosting an album release and charity event at The Mink on Thursday, April 21.
"My lyrics will always attempt to redefine what the listener may believe. Many rappers talk about money, cars, and chains. If a rapper doesn't fit that mold then they come off as weird, different, or crazy," Crazy8 says. "That is the basic idea behind the movement. It is taking an idea that society believes, and not being afraid to question or oppose it."

Crazy8's album, State of Emergency, was inspired by the lack of opportunities and support that many youth are facing today. Keeping with the theme of the album, the rapper is donating 30% of his album sales to a local Covenant House down the street from his residence.

"I am always trying to help people less fortunate than me and I try to lead by example," he said. "If I have to be the first one to do something, then so be it. I want people to look at me and feel inspired to do the same."

?A few months ago, when both work and school were shut down because Houstonians couldn't seem to function in freezing temperatures, Crazy8 personally delivered blankets to the homeless.
"Everyday people down the street in my own community are in need of food, shelter, and sometimes just a little conversation," he explains. "Those are the people I feel compelled to help the most."

Crazy8's charitable nature may have come from his small-town upbringing, where his tight-knit neighborhood encouraged him to be more philanthropic. Since moving to Houston in 2007, he has tried to use his moral compass to the best of his ability in a city over ten times the size of his hometown.

"When people look back on my life, I do not want people to simply judge me on my music, but also my day-to-day attitude towards life and others. I hope that it inspires and motivates people to reach their own full potential." - Houston Press

"t.h.e. Misfit Crazy8 – “Funky Fresh”"

This is a new cut from t.h.e. Misfit Crazy8's DJ Pack of tracks which you can here more here. - Outtherebad

"t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8 – Funky Fresh"

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I’m from the United States and I am driven to not stop until I reach my goals.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
I am working on my next project entitled “State of Emergency”, and fans can expect it to be a continuation of the story left off from t.h.e. Diagnosis EP. This is my 3rd project and it shows; there is a definite maturation in my style, subject, and execution of this project.

What is one of the most drastic changes you’ve made about yourself in the last year?
I am going back to school, and I am halfway done getting my Masters in Business Administration. My classes have helped me play a larger role with the business side of things related to my music. I have more control which allows me to be more creative with my the business side

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
Since my music, style, and demeanor is so different, it has been an uphill battle trying to put together an image that people will accept. I am sure it would be easier if I dressed, made music, and rapped like everyone else, but I am an individual and it shows in everything I do.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
My biggest setback was going from writing songs as a member of a group (t.h.e. MisFits) to writing songs as a solo artist (t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8). It’s so much easier to write a hot 16 than to write an entire song!

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
Selling out by changing their music just to sound like everyone else.

What would you spend a million dollars on?
A 12 ft robot walker that I could show up to the VMAs in, and the rest would go to setting up a “Hip-Hop University”, where artists could have a standardized way of perfecting their craft and getting into the music industry.

What was your biggest risk taken in your career?
My biggest risk is performing music that I make to an audience that is expecting to hear music that you hear on the radio. Every show I take a huge risk.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Be confident in your music and who you are, and NEVER CONFORM!!!

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
You have to have a professional look. No one wants to eat Fillet Mignon off of a garbage can lid.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
I love doing Shows, interviews and contests!

Any last comments or statements?
There is a point in every man’s life when he feels like he doesn’t belong or he doesn’t fit in; in short he has feels like a MisFit. My music, and my movement, is the embodiment of that time. - WWSMAG.com

"t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 – Funky Fresh (f. Mouse & Dirty-N-Nasty)"

There’s another super crew in Houston (there are plenty of them already if you didn’t know) in the form of the Rogue Scholar Alliance. The group consists of Dirty-N-Nasty, t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8, Ensane & That Purple Bastard, The Forces, and D-Risha. “Funky Fresh” lives on a reworked Missy Elliott chorus, the timely horns that soothed the ears and the light drum & snare work on the production courtesy of Jay Gamble. Good thing this was unearth to be heard since the original was apparently missing Nasty Nique. - Dayandadream.com

"t.h.e. MisFit Crazy8 – My Galaxy"

It seems the place to take new dates would be out of this world according to t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8. The Lafayette, Louisiana to Houston transplant may seem like a less drowsy KiD CuDi on this one but it’s all for the best really. The man who essentially runs his own Hip-Hop University over at Redefine Insanity I mean, how else can you not seem crazy after wanting to tell a chick you want to go all throughout the space time continuum with her? After his set at FlyFest last month, he’s definitely got some presence within the Houston community. As a matter of fact, t.h.e. Diagnosis EP by t.h.e. MisFit Crazy 8 is out now on iTunes so if you want to enroll into the madness, you better support. - Dayandadream.com


Still working on that hot first release.



I am just a regular guy who might just be Crazy.... I tend to go against the grain...which leaves me feeling like a MisFit quite often.