The Misguided Education

The Misguided Education

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Down south flow meets midwest swing when Reece and Nyquill form The Misguided Education. R&B Hip-Hop meets Hardcore. Think Little Brother meets Every time I Die. The Misguided lyrics are dark yet humorous with an uncanny delivery from both artists. They work on their craft daily trying to improve.


The Misguided Education is the new side project from Royal Illete members Nyquill and Reece though they prefer to be called Thomas Hewitt & Big Peace for this entity. It was always known between the 2 that a project would come about just not when. With Royal Illete sitting in idle, unsure of new direction, now is that time! Thomas Hewitt Nyquill with his dark humor and ill wit continue to take you through his observations and struggles with each word as he tries to find some meaning out of this scene he has been a part of for such a lone time. He goes under the moniker Thomas Hewitt (Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre's real name) when he feels he must unleash his evil side of music. The mad creature spits with his demonic wordplay that lets you know he is not going anywhere soon. Big Peace Reece is still new to the game but hungrier than ever and lashes at you line for line with a promise of breaking your eardrums to get his "we're not going to take it anymore" message across. Big Peace is an exact contrast of the style that he brings to The Misguided Education. No more songs about his past now he screams for the future! The Misguided Education is the bastard child of the St. Louis Hip-Hop and Hardcore Scene (hence the long name) that only wants to unite the masses through pure music chaos. No cheap songs or hype here just pure intensity in your face 24/7.


"The World is a Ghetto" ITunes & Rhapsody
"Horror Movies and Latex Vol.1 "EP Late March 2010

Set List

We can play from 30 minutes to 45.