Narre Warren North, Victoria, AUS

I am a one man band doing Christian songs full on.


the perpose of my band is a minestry been lead by GOD to take his promise to the next levil of cosmos salvation perfection in the main perpose of peace with one another so on it is a hope in the suport of all charities and church services in Christianity it is a hope to stop all wars permently and to stop terror threts and attaks it is a hope i have to bring world peace so all the wrongs we have done to all others ourselfs family so on will be forgiven of these sins crimes so on and people perfected by JESUS to live ETERNALY in the next life forever with all his promises and blessings it is to stand up agains evil spirits and war againts these deaseases and not one another that they the deaseases all these evil will be done away with thus burnt in hell perdiction is its old translation it is TRUTHFULLY a hope and a prayer that JESUS will save and perfecr the whole cosmos place.


i have writen over 1000 songs and performed and still writing and performing some not yet released i can not possibly metion all of them see my sights