The Miss Bennets

The Miss Bennets


We're the fucking best, we're the fucking best, we're the best you ever heard, best you ever heard, best you ever heard.

We're probably going to be famous one day.


Formerly known as The Fiends, this east coast/northern Ontario/Toronto bred band was born out of the turmoil of heartbreak and the boredom of Kingston, Ontario. Courtney, Angela and Claire met while going to school in a castle in the south of England. After moving back to Canada and into the infamous Saucy Minx Manor, the girls discovered that combining their good looks with their catchy pop songs was a winning combination for meeting hot guys. The rest is history.

Note: The future of The Miss Bennets is not yet written, but if it was, it would probably begin something like this, "This is the story of three gorgeous young women with a song in their hearts and a goal in their sights. After graduating top of their class at Queen's University, they set out to conquer a new mountain. Little did they know the effect their music would have on literally bazillions of people. But as with any adventure, the road was lined with obstacles. The girls had to use their charm, charisma and determination to navigate through the pitfalls of the music industry. The road, dotted with fights, epic nights and passionate romances has all the makings of a hollywood drama. This is the story of that journey. Destination? Fame."


"Manly Man" was once played on 98.9 The Drive