The Missing Chums

The Missing Chums

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Missing Chums write short, melodic songs influenced by Radiohead and The Smiths.


The Missing Chums are a two-piece band in Chicago. Their music consists of short bursts of rhythm and melody. Their sound could best be described as 'Detroit Meets Manchester', reflecting their hometown and the hometown of the bands that have most influenced them.

After only three months together, they recorded their debut EP, "Days Without Overcoats". Shortly after releasing the EP, the band put out a video for the second song on the record, "How Come?".

The band is booking in Chicago and Detroit and are preparing to record their debut LP.


"Days Without Overcoats" EP, 2010

Set List

Flexible--the band can play a set of all originals that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.