The Missing City Starlight

The Missing City Starlight


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, The Missing City Starlight's rich take on 'alternative pop' is taking the music scene by storm. They have been compared to the likes of Radiohead and Rufus Wainright, and have been elating crowds with their mesmerizing melodies and danceable beats.


When you first see The Missing City Starlight you feel like you’ve been sucker punched in your musical testicles; you’re taken aback, a bit surprised, but you love it because you know you’re alive.

The music will be singing in your ears long after the show is over, and the grin from your face will only fade once the hair on your neck has settled. A wide range of music from everywhere you’ve never been to everywhere familiar. Driving rhythm, waves of intricate sounds, and a voice soaked in melody and romance leave you feeling warm and awake like too much gin; but not too much gin, because it’s like a Friday and you don’t have to work the next day and you’re glad you’re drunk because you can sleep-in.

Beyond the stage, the band has become a family with a strong work ethic that has lead to great successes. Based in Nova Scotia, The Missing City Starlight has played in a number of venues and festivals in the Maritimes including sharing stages with Gentlemen Reg (Toronto), The Cliks (Toronto) and Christina Martin (Halifax). For the past two years they have been invited to showcase at one of Atlantic Canada’s premier music industry galas, Music Week Nova Scotia. Also, they’ve garnered radio play on CBC Radio One and Three, Dalhousie University’s CKDU, CJFX in Antigonish, and numerous other public and college stations throughout Canada. They have a growing fan base, and the band never gets mad at them when their music is downloaded for free.

You know you’re at one of their shows when the women are dancing and the men are crying…and also dancing.

They play the game you have always known; but they’ve changed the rules. Book ‘em.


Current Single Release: Snowed in Alone featuring Juno nomintated Andru Branch and Christina Martin

The 'Celebrity Death' Album is set to be released in the Fall of 2008

Set List

Set lists include the songs from the upcomming 'Celebrity Death' CD:
1. You Knew Me
2. Celebrity Death
3. Unscathed
4. Mercy Mercy
5. Losing You
6. This Rock
7. Identify
8. Speed of Life
9. Out of Shape
10. Hell and Highwater
11. Bird in Cage
12. Featherweight
13. Upside Down
14. Way West
15. Why Did You Ignore Me?
16. The Truth