The Missing Parts

The Missing Parts

 Tucson, Arizona, USA

The Missing Parts are an unusual mix of three very different musicians from Tucson, AZ. The trio weaves Oliver Blaylock's virtuosic violin with Paul Wright's wild, percussive guitar and Brian Hullfish's soulful cello, vocals and harmonica. In the course of one track, listeners may note strains of everything from klezmer to classical, bluegrass to Roma. The Missing Parts love music, and believe it is both an exploration and a celebration of the world and its many colors and cultures.


The Missing Parts are an acoustic, instrumental trio, formed in 2009 in Tucson, Arizona, 60 miles from the Mexican border. The band is comprised of Oliver Blaylock on violin, Brian Hullfish on cello, and Paul Wright on acoustic guitar.

Listeners have classified their music as everything from “chamber-core” to “alt-punk”, “string metal” to “Jew-grass.” While The Missing Parts can be a bit difficult to categorize, their sound is instantly recognizable. The tunes borrow from/pay tribute to many folk traditions while ultimately serving as a bizarre field guide for the sonic traveller. The Missing Parts have been compared with Kronos Quartet, Ennio Morricone, Béla Bartók, and Gogol Bordello, among many others.

In the Fall of 2007, the members of the band all somehow happened to meet at Shot in The Dark Café in Tucson, improvised together in the alley next door, and liked the result. Along with former band-member Douglas Francisco’s lap-steel guitar, Paul’s intensely percussive style of rhythm guitar, Brian's cello and Oliver's classically-trained violin created vivid soundscapes, capable of conveying odd emotions and ideas.

One interesting part of the story of the group is how its virtuosic violinist, Oliver Blaylock, made a journey from his birthplace in Juarez, to his adoption and subsequent American citizenship. Another, perhaps more interesting story is how the band parted ways with founding member and lap-steel guitarist Douglas Francisco. Ask Oliver about it, and, if you’re lucky, his violin will provide a running commentary.

The Missing Parts create the majority of its compositions by steadily gathering improvisational parts, and then collaboratively stitching these parts together and deciding how they move and feel, and what those parts want to become. The Missing Parts fully believe in the power of improvisation and collaboration.

The trio has collaborated with the singer/songwriter Cathy Rivers; the pyrotechnic/acrobatic performance troupe Flam Chen; and has shared bills with acts as wide ranging as March Fourth Marching Band, The White Buffalo, the Bay Area-based trio Judgment Day, and Swedish hip hop/swing group Movits!

The Missing Parts have repeatedly toured throughout the Rocky Mountains and along the West Coast since 2009 (playing such venues as The Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado and The Upstage in Port Townsend, Washington). The trio will be touring this summer to promote their third album, Parts Unknown, which they released in November. 


Folk Music from an Undiscovered Country

Set List

We can play up to three hours of original music, though we like to throw in some traditional tunes as well, ranging from bluegrass to classical, klezmer and gypsy tunes.

An example of a potential set list is shown. This would be around 45 minutes.
Elegy for the Living Dead
Phantom Community
Clown Car
Waltz in 4/4
Drugs on War
The March
Ancient Discord
Magmatic Forces
The Rise and Fall of Yankee Doodle