The Misteriosos

The Misteriosos


The Misteriosos play psychedelic rock n'roll and darkly sweet dreams. 60s influenced fuzz guitar, organ tremelo, and primal drumbeats.


The Misteriosos rose from the ashes of Phoenix combo The Hypno-Twists, whose 3 albums and crazy live shows some will happily recall. Founding ‘Twists members JellyRoll and Tula Storm moved along to garage-music-dazed Philadelphia -- joined by amazing drummer Skeeter -- where they soon formed The Misteriosos, after a brief but productive stint in Boston. The trio plays raw psychedelic rock n’ roll, with other strange influences, but their love of all things lo-fi and an obsession with fuzz and tremolo remain consistent. The passion for their sound comes through in their songs, which can verge from in-your-face fuzzed-out psychedelic rock n’ roll to darkly sweet numbers. After only a few months in Boston (before moving to Philly), the band placed 5th out of over 160 bands for the 2004 Little Steven Rockin Garage contest!

JellyRoll and Tula’s past accomplishments include performing at Austin's South by Southwest Music Festival as well as touring regularly, including a 2003 tour and recording session at the famous ToeRag Studios in London, England, where Liam Watson produced their album “Glyn Road.” They have played with acts such as The Datsuns, The Epoxies, The Forty-Fives, Red Elvises, The Slackers, The Seeds, and The Kills. In 2002, Tula was honored to join Electric Prunes on organ at their headlining spot at The Baypop Festival in San Francisco. They were also pleased to be included on The Best of Little Steven's Cavestomp CD. Their music is still played on WNYU, KUPD, KFNX, and WFMU.

The Misteriosos finished their first recording in March 2004. Their first full length release is presently in the works, as well as shows in New York City and around the east coast. Watch for them at a Philly Freakout event in Fall 2004!


Try Sensation
Nothing to Hide
The Times

The Misteriosos 4-song demo is already being played by local DJs, judges from The Little Steven Contest, and bands like Electric Prunes and The Fuzztones.

Set List

The Misteriosos play mostly originals with a few obscure 60s covers thrown in, by bands like The Stingers and The Eyes. Set length is 60 minutes and growing.