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Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | SELF

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Comedy Children's Music




"MARMALINE My Music Machine CD ~ Press Release"

Farfetched Records is pleased to announce the release of Marmaline - My Music Machine, a CD of music for young children, by The Mister Laurence Experience. With its canny mix of amusing sound effects, friendly chitchat, and catchy songs, Marmaline tells the story of two children traveling with Mister Laurence on his magical vehicle, a wondrous contraption that is able to fly, dive, and sail, and runs on recycled sheet music (“instead of guzzling gasoline”). Part Yellow Submarine, part Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, part time machine, Marmaline transports its listeners on a musical odyssey that bubbles with sweetness, charm, and wry humor.

Those familiar with children’s entertainer Mister Laurence will be delighted to hear more of the quirky and lovingly crafted songs that are the hallmark of this performer’s style. Those hearing Mister Laurence’s music for the first time will marvel how his melodies and lyrics ingeniously accomplish what all good children’s music aims to do: enthrall kids with entertainment that is undeniably fresh, all the while fostering a sense of independence, self-esteem, and respect for peers and elders.

Silly, but never sappy, the dozen songs on Marmaline display a deep understanding of children and their world, touching on everything from the tribulations of being a kid (“The Pouting Song”) to gentle lessons about caring for the environment (“Stewards of the Earth”). But lest you think this is music just for the little ones, a close listen will reveal hints of British pop, surf music, and even notes of a Sousa-like march wafting through the mix. Like his eight previous CD releases, Mister Laurence (aka Laurence Miller), wrote, played, and recorded all of the songs on Marmaline himself at his recording studio in his Ann Arbor, Michigan home. Recently joined by the lovely and talented Ms. Princess Melinda on keyboards and vocals, The Mister Laurence Experience will soon be hitting the road for a series of shows in the Detroit area that will bring the magic of Marmaline to the stage.

And what shows they will be. Toting a guitar and accordion, decked out in his retro green high-top sneakers, satin lapel jacket and barrette, Mister Laurence is as likely to resemble a psychedelic rockabilly singer as a children’s performer. Backed by pre-recorded tracks of his songs, and now accompanied by the pink-coiffed and gowned Ms. Princess Melinda, Mister Laurence will once again demonstrate why he is fast becoming one of the most loved children’s performers on the scene today.

In addition to writing, recording and performing for kids, Mister Laurence also teaches music at several Ann Arbor area preschools, and produces and hosts his own kids’ variety show, Mister Laurence’s Enchanted Green Tree Fort, on Ann Arbor Community TV.

Those wishing to purchase a CD, or to hear and see more of The Mister Laurence Experience
can visit him at, on YouTube at “Flaghorn” or visit his website at:


School Library Journal — Music Review for Recess Forever

"...Laurence Miller, aka Mister Laurence, wrote 11 of the 12 songs and poems on this, his fifth album, using a variety of rock styles, from a Beach Boys sound to hard rock. Most of the compositions deal with school topics. Vocal and instrumental performances are very good. Mister Laurence and his Play Money Band perform on guitars, keyboards, clarinet, recorder, bass, and drums. The play list includes 'Recess Forever!', 'Rusty Swing', 'We Won't Be Afraid' (of tests, mistakes, etc.), 'Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Trees', 'I'm a Little Teapot' (with additional words and music by Laurence), 'There's a Poem in My Head', 'Toe-Touching Torchy and the Talking Shoes' (part spoken poem, part a cappella song), 'Choe Chee's Reoccurring Dream', a reprise of 'Recess Forever', and more. Libraries in Michigan may be especially interested in this offering by the Ann Arbor native."

-- March 2007 Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX.

"Children's Music that Rocks" NYC Librarian Blog — Music Review for Recess Forever

"...There’s a musical legend living in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, R. Stevie Moore, who pretty much invented the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) ethic in the late 60s, early 70s. Since that time, he has recorded literally hundreds of cassette tapes, vinyl LPs, and CDs, all chock full of his off-kilter yet brilliantly perfect pop compositions, writing, playing, recording, and producing everything himself.

Tucked away in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is Laurence Bond Miller, aka Mister Laurence, the children’s music version of R. Stevie Moore. Since 1999 Miller has released five CDs, Flaghorn, Tugboat Tow, Bubbleland, Pure Gibberish, and Recess Forever!, with another, Marmaline, to be released soon. I can‘t recommend one CD over another, so browse Mr. L’s witty, silly website and check out the awesomeness of individual tracks like 'Bubbleland', 'Recess Forever', 'Is There an Echo in the Room?', 'Little Flower', 'Jack ‘n’ Jill’s Hill', and the Zen sentiments of 'The Sky is in the Sky!' and 'We Won’t Be Afraid' ("even if we are afraid / We won’t be afraid").

The only group who comes close to his combination of inventiveness and quirkiness is They Might Be Giants, who would be well advised to team up with Mister Laurence and create the greatest Kid’s album ever. Hey, it could happen!..."

-- August 2006 Warren Truitt (Children's Librarian in the Donnell Central Children's Room of The New York Public Library)

Ann Arbor Observer — Music Review for Pure Gibberish

"...After having released a massive oeuvre as rock musician, performance artist, and Dad, Ann Arbor-based musician Laurence Miller has found surprising success writing and performing music for kids -- releasing several CD's, performing all over southeast Michigan, and writing song after song. The music of Mister Laurence ignores many rules of children's music -- such as simplicity, repetition, and not too many big words. If they didn't know his songs were intended for kids, some neopunk band might cover them. The CD kicks off with a rollicking welcome by the man in charge, who sounds like a blend of addled great-uncle, psycholinguist, and general goofball. The title song is a complex ditty filled with instruction for talking nonsense, filled with unexpected chords, that signature Mister Laurence. 'Jack and Jill's Hill' is a journey into perky surrealism that asks what would happen if that fabled pair just never came back down? 'Sticks n' Stones' starts out like a Bach harpsichord sonata and devolves into a scary, pounding, growling plaint about verbal bullying. Brave Kinder might well stomp about the living room giving vent to all kinds of feelings when this track plays. It's like having your own personal giant in the house. This scary persona of Mister Laurence as monster hurtles back for 'Mom and Dad Are Teething':

Mom and Dad are teething, we know it really hurts
It's difficult at times it seems for them to use their words!

'The Typing Train' starts with a story of a magical typewriter and morphs into a kind of Laurie Anderson-ish trance song. It's both charming and cool. I personally would very much like to see Mister Laurence in a smoky bar, wearing his play-money shirt and singing his children's songs to a horde of gin-soaked art students. At the end of the night, he'd croon a lullaby, their eyes would slide shut, and their dyed heads would slowly fall to their chests..."

-- February 2004 Kate Conner-Ruben
____________________________ — Music Review for Flaghorn (Re-issue w/select cuts from Flaghorn and Tugboat Tow)

"...If Weezer put out a children's album, it'd pretty much sound like this. An ironically pleasing track, titled 'Good Manners', mixes a ridiculously silly post-punk attitude into a knee-slapping, foot stomping, sing-a-long encouraging kids to be respectful and courteous to their peers and elders!..."

-- August 2003


Jungle Jimmy — Music Review for Bubbleland

"...Mister Laurence rides out, into the sunset again! Only this time he's in the air, floating on a stream of bubbles along with everyone else in the world! How cool is that?!? His original songs and stories in this collection are without a doubt the most imaginative, and highly produced material he's released to date. When will this lad ever stop!?!...."

-- November 2002 J.J.


Kiddie Corner — Music Review for Tugboat Tow

"...with a decidedly show-biz flare, Mister Laurence charms his audiences both young and old, with his eclectic mix of original songs & stories for kids. His refreshing approach to children's entertainment pushes the envelope of the mainstream, luring us into a world of sing-song antics, both children AND their caregivers can enjoy! Original arrangements of such classics as 'The Itsy Bitsy Spider' and 'I'm a Little Teapot' keep the little ones glued, while his own songs are sophisticated enough to satisfy the most discerning ear!...."

-- September 2001 Lyra Vahn
____________________________ — Music Review for Flaghorn

"...If the subject matter of these songs weren't aimed so pointedly at children, Mister Laurence could be a hit not just with the 2-5 year-olds but also with their older, college-going Indie Rock siblings!...."

-- May 2000 Music Editor

The Ann Arbor Observer — "New A2 Children's Performer"

"...In his Monopoly-money shirt, nerdy horn-rims, slicked-back hair, and left-handed guitar, Laurence Miller, Ann Arbor rocker/composer/iconoclast extraordinaire, has found a new niche -- children's music! Never one to be pigeonholed, Miller has gone through as many personas and musical styles as Madonna. From his teen years in the band Sproton Layer (with brothers Ben and Roger) to the theatrically rich, ultra-complicated music of Larynx Zillion's Novelty Shop, Miller has kept Ann Arbor audiences guessing for a long time. Now, as Mister Laurence, he's out to win the hearts of a new generation!.."

-- October 1999 Kate Conner-Ruben
- Mary Franz


The Mister Laurence Experience Debuts “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”

Parents, Grandparents, Doting Aunts and Uncles and of course, the Little will thoroughly enjoy the new CD “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic”, from The Mister Laurence Experience, a long-beloved one-of-a-kind children’s entertainment act from SE Michigan.

Packed with 14 tracks of energy and fun, the new CD includes original rock and blues songs and snazzy new interpretations of children’s classics, performed by Mister Laurence, Ms. Princess Melinda, and OSO the Drumming (mechanical) Bear. This triple-threat ensemble uses a rock/blues genre to connect the musical dots between parents and children — sophisticated enough for the grown-up ear, yet playful and age-appropriate to keep the little ones glued....or dancing in the aisles.

In the title track, Mister Laurence and Ms. Princess Melinda cordially invite their listeners to “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic.” They recast the famous ditty (first recorded in 1908, with lyrics added in 1932) as a crunching-but-not menacing guitar cavalcade, sweetened with the honey of Ms. Princess Melinda’s vocal styling and captivating keyboarding. To the amazement of all children, percussionist OSO can bear-ly contain his enthusiasm while backing up the Mister and Ms. He is definitely going to the picnic.

Plenty of barefoot kids will dance merrily to “Shoe Blues,” a moan about a problem that plagues many toddlers (and parents) — misplaced footwear. Sorry B. B. King, and of course Lucille, but this one is local, tighter than shoelaces, and worthy of a top spot at any of Ann Arbor’s Blues venues. No sock puppets added.

“How Much is That Doggie in the Window?” is a spunky rocker with updated lyrics. Ms. Princess Melinda’s piano trots like little poodle feet upon Mister Laurence’s guitar as she sings lead, with both vigor & vim, in one of her pet performances.

Not like the normal encounter with the farmer’s wife, this version of “Three Blind Mice” sets up the back-story of everyone’s favorite trio of rodents. Did you know the mice were once virtuoso fantasy artists? As storyteller Mister Laurence reveals, “They could paint, kind of like how Beethoven, after losing his hearing, composed symphonies.”

Mister Laurence has been performing original music for kids since 1998, as a “healthy alternative to purple dinosaurs and fast-food clowns.” In performance, original and sophisticated backing tracks make the listener swear there are twice as many human and ursine musicians on stage.

The Mister Laurence Experience is beloved by all generations, from your littlest bear cubs to their grandpandas. You can purchase CDs from and local stores or on the Mister Laurence website at:

- Mary Ann


Mister Laurence (1999 thru 2007)
HOLIDAY STOCKING ~ A Christmas Collection

The Mister Laurence Experience (2009 thru 2011)
MARMALINE / My Music Machine

Tracks from all these CD's can be streamed and purchased from their website and from



Genre: Multi-Generational Children's Entertainment
Origin: Ann Arbor Michigan USA
Official Band Website:

Mister Laurence grew up in a musical family with piano and clarinet lessons, later teaching himself to play the guitar strung right handed but played left handed upside down. Later he taught himself to play the bass and drums. Songwriting followed, leading many original bands in a variety of genres over the years -- recording and performing nation wide.

Mister Laurence reinvented himself in 1999, venturing out as a solo children's artist. This was a natural transition having children of his own and working as "music guy" in local preschools. Performing on acoustic guitar and singing along to his original prerecorded backing tracks created a full band sound. This gave a unique twist to the presentation. Mister Laurence recorded 7 original children's CD's during this time, as well as producing award winning community television music videos for kids.

In 2009 he teamed up with Ms. Princess Melinda (future wife to be) on keyboards and vocals, along with Oso the Drumming Bear. That's correct, animatronic! The ever expanding MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE has since produced several award winning music videos; STAR FISH, THE SKY IS IN THE SKY, HOW NOW BROWN COW? and an imaginative community television children's series called MISTER LAURENCE'S "Enchanted" GREEN TREE FORT.

All at once rockin', surreal and full of camp, THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE power trio looks forward to entertaining any invitation to perform their original music!

NOTE: It has been suggested THE MISTER LAURENCE EXPERIENCE is in fact a "convertible band". Their audience appeal branches out multigenerationally, hence the 2nd genre title: NOVELTY.