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Buffalo, New York, United States | SELF

Buffalo, New York, United States | SELF
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"Show your Buffalove"

When most people think of talented musicians, they forget to look right in their own backyards – which is exactly where you will find the up and coming pop-punksters of The Mixtape.

Buffalo has given rise to some of the best bands in recent times, including both Every Time I Die and The Goo Goo Dolls. And now, with their memorable hooks and stick-in-your-head lyrics, The Mixtape is poised and ready to be the next 716 band to hit the scene.

Incredibly catchy and fun to listen to, The Mixtape is a pop-punk band with influences of hardcore sprinkled in for good measure, which is shown via the breakdown in their song, 'A New Direction.' So whether you're looking to jump up or throw down, these rising stars have what you're looking for.

The group is comprised of five locals: vocalist Josh Szary, guitarist Justin Juzdowski, drummer Jeremy Shields, bassist Ben Cansdale and guitarist Trevor Wirth. However, this wasn't always the lineup.

'The Mixtape started in April of 2008 with Josh and myself and we originally had two songs that were up. One was a super catchy electro-acoustic song and one was full band,' Juzdowski said. 'When it came time to play shows in June, we decided we'd be better off with a full band, so we asked [Ben, Trevor and Jeremy] to fill in for it and we just ended up keeping them. So we've been playing since June 2008 as a full band.'

For the guys of The Mixtape, being able to play together is practically a dream come true. Their abilities have gained them access to a lifestyle only a select few are able to experience.

'We went on tour this summer and it was the most surreal feeling ever. We met so many new people … hung out in cities we never thought we'd be in – it's just endless fun and at the same time you get to experience something not everyone does,' Juzdowski said.

Even though the band has only been playing together for less than two years, they have already built quite the resume. The Mixtape has played alongside several impressive acts including Plain White T's, Sparks the Rescue, Mandy K and The Summer Set.

'My favorite [show] was the Jingle Ball that we co-headlined with Letterset in December. So many kids came out to see us; it was really cool looking into the crowd and seeing that many faces,' Shields said.

Juzdowski, however, favors another show.

'For me, it was definitely The Summer Set because we got to hang with them after and they invited us to a party and stuff, so it was a good time. They're real chill kids,' Juzdowski said.

Despite the excitement that the band's lifestyle generates for them, they never take it all for granted. To them, it's the people who surround them that make their life what it is.

'We always stick with just one word … family. We're all about loving and being happy and this band is more of a family than anything. We all call each other's parents and we all hang out constantly, never fight. It's all about family for us,' said Shields.

When it comes to their music, the band doesn't rely upon clichés and the same old shtick to write their material. They find inspiration from everything around them.

'We always try to write something that people can associate themselves with, so I suppose drawing on real life situations [comes] out as the biggest influence in our lyrics,' Shields said. 'We're always looking for ways to inspire people through our music, so we try and make the good side of things shine through.'

Whether it be their next catchy single or a slow acoustic number, the band doesn't cut corners. They put themselves into their music completely and give it everything they've got each and every time.

'We love every song just the same [and] we put the same effort into writing one as we do them all, so we genuinely can't pick one out. As far as the most meaningful, I'd say ‘The Phoenix' because it's about our friend's death,' Juzdowski said.

As of now, The Mixtape is hard at work on their next project.

'We're actually in the studio right now finishing up our new EP, entitled Simplicity. It's going to be an eight-song EP and we're really stoked on how it's turning out so far,' Shields said. 'As far as tours, we've been offered two for this summer; we'll have to see which one works out the best for us.'

Interested readers can visit them online at and listen in.

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"“Car Wrecks & Hospitals” Review"

Posted by Josiah LeRoy in The Musical Buffalo at 8:21 PM on Sun, Jun 27, 2010
This is the record that the Buffalo music scene has been patiently waiting for since the beginning of 2010. “Car Wrecks & Hospitals” is the JACT Records debut from local favorites The Mixtape. Too long to be an EP/too short to be a full length, the album is the follow up to 2009’s “Headlines” and shows the band’s rapid improvement and popularity. It was recorded in full, in Clarence, NY at the ever-so-popular True Sound Studios with producer/engineer Ryan Wiesner (Letterset). JACT Records jumped on board after hearing the finished product in late May, signing both The Mixtape & Letterset on June 1.
“CW&H” silences the band’s critics, as they have been accused of attempting to pose as a “hardcore” act. The album is a perfect mix of classic pop punk sing-a-long choruses, in-your-face breakdowns (complete with synth and bassdrops, see “Spandex” & “A New Direction”), and pure musicianship. The record starts with an unforgettably catchy hook in “We won’t stop now/Car wrecks and hospitals couldn’t keep us from this,” which leads into an intense breakdown right from the get-go. Josh Szary’s vocals take command and make these songs something special. Incredibly catchy lines have you believing you’re at a Four Year Strong concert. “This is just me lying, this is just me buying time to say that you mean everything to me”/”Quiet and listen to the sound of heartbreak”/”Take life for what it’s worth” are just a few. “Love Is The Movement” and “A New Direction” are the two songs that will most likely serve as singles, having been released last summer/fall and served to create a buzz for the new record. “Road Calls From Home” shows the softer side of the quintet, taking the listener through two weeks of touring from last summer and how easy it is to catch homesickness. Lead Guitarist Trevor Wirth lends his voice to the song’s chorus and clearly displays the emotion that was meant to be felt. Everytime I hear the line “I wish it was clear but I’m out of motives, I don’t wish you were here at all”, I get goosebumps. The melody is slighty different in the final chorus, but makes a lasting impact on the song overall.
“Listen Close” is a song originally released on Headlines, however the Car Wrecks & Hospitals version shows vast improvement, including beautiful chrous harmonies, much tighter rhythm, and a breakdown that will be sure to start mosh pits at your local venue. For those of you that knew the band back when Headlines was released, take note of the newly installed lyrics before the final chorus that seem to fill in the missing pieces from the original and tie everything together. The album ends with “I’d Rather Wear Nelsons” (ask them if you don’t know what a “nelson” is). Perhaps the most fun of the seven, the song is an energetic end that draws seemingly influential sounds from All Time Low and of course, Four Year Strong even though the band typically receives its inspiration from heavier, hardcore groups.
“Car Wrecks & Hospitals” only weakness is its length (roughly 26 minutes). Its production is near perfect and the songs are executed superbly by the band. Buffalo is sure to be proud. Be sure to catch The Mixtape at their official cd release show on July 16 at Club Infinity in Clarence (just outside Buffalo), NY. The album is available on pre-order right now from for $10.
BAND – The Mixtape
Members – Josh Szary – Vocals
Justin Juzdowski – Guitar
Trevor Wirth – Lead Guitar/Vocals
Ben Cansdale – Bass
Jeremy Shields – Drums
You like?/You’ll like – A Day To Remember/Four Year Strong/New Found Glory
Album/Release date – Car Wrecks & Hospitals/July 16, 2010
Track Listing – 1.Car Wrecks & Hospitals
3.Love Is The Movement
4.After Midnight The Trouble Begins
5.A New Direction
6.Listen Close
7.Road Calls From Home
8.I’d Rather Wear Nelsons
Record Label – JACT Records
Available through – Itunes,,
Follow the band through –
Stay tuned for more album reviews, as well as a new segment called “20 questions with…”. You can check out my band Letterset at Club Infinity on July 16.
Facebook – search “Josiah LeRoy”
Twitter – JosiahDLeRoy
Email –
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"The Mixtape CD Release Show at Mohawk Place"

The Mixtape CD Release Show at Mohawk Place
by BuffaloDotCom • May 29, 2011 @ 10:12am

Buffalo indie punk/pop/hardcore band The Mixtape made its heavily-anticipated return to the stage last night at Mohawk, and photographer Chuck Alaimo shot it all. - Buffalo News

"The Mixtape Returns"

If you’ve followed for awhile, you know we hold a bit of a crush on The Mixtape. The Buffalo band, a bundle of fun-loving 20-year-olds with a thoroughly engaged fan-base, releases its third album (second EP) on Saturday night at Mohawk Place. While The Mixtape will hit the stage close to 9 p.m., several bands are scheduled to open for them beginning at 6 p.m.: An American Skyline, The Boy and His Machine (two more favorites), A Summer Scene and Another Night Story.

The Mixtape has spent the majority of the last six months in studio; we last saw them at Club Infinity on December 17 opening for Cute Is What We Aim For, but since they have focused on perfecting newer tunes and fleshing out ideas in the studio. Take a look back at Gabrielle’s interview with the band (at the bottom of the page), or listen to new hits like “Good Looks, Kid” or old favorites like “Spandex” at the band’s PureVolume page.

Vocals: Josh Szary
Guitars: Trevor Wirth, Justin Juz
Bass guitar: Ben Cansdale
Drummer: Jeremy Shields

by Ben Tsujimoto • May 27, 2011 @ 4:20pm - Buffalo News

"Meet up-and-coming Buffalo band The Mixtape"

The Mixtape was formed less than a year ago, but a handful of shows, an EP and an upcoming tour prove how passionate this five-piece powerpop- rock band is about their music.

The Mixtape was born last spring as a side project for Lancaster residents Josh Szary, 17, and Justin Juzdowski, 19. “We were in an old band, but decided to quit, and just started to write and record our own stuff,” says Justin. “For our first show in June, we needed a full band, so we just called a few of our friends to play with us and they’ve just stuck with the band since.” Currently, the band is Szary on lead vocals and piano, guitarists Juzdowski and Trevor Wirth, 17, bassist Ben Cansdale, 18, and drummer Jeremy Shields, 17.

Since their first show in June, the Mixtape has played almost a dozen shows, and has shared the stage with a variety of bands, including Sparks the Rescue, the Scenic, Mandy K, and Crush, the Everlasting. “We love performing live ... Seeing the crowd get into it and singing along to our songs is the best feeling,” says Trevor.

Their shows are booked through Damon Bodine from Center Stage Concerts. The band’s next show is this Tuesday at Xtreme Wheels with Valencia, Houston Calls, and You, Me, and Everyone We Know. “It’s going to be a great show, we’re all really excited,” Jeremy said.

The Mixtape spent two months recording a six-track EP, “Headlines,” with producer Ryan Wiesner at True Sound Studios in Williamsville and released it Jan. 17.

The Mixtape has big plans for the future. In addition to playing more local shows to expand its Buffalo fan base, Mixtape has a tour in the works for this summer. “We plan on touring New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio with Letterset,” says Ben. “We’re really looking forward to it. We’re getting a trailer and are going to be eating a lot of Ramen noodles.” The band hopes to have a full-length album out by summer.

“We’ve been successful so far because we all have experience. All of us have been in other bands, and we’ve all learned what works and what doesn’t work,” says Josh, adding: “We’re best friends. We’re a family.”

Find the Mixtape at
- Buffalo News


May 2011- Self-Titled EP
July 2010- Car Wrecks & Hospitals EP
June 2009- The Phoenix (Single)
March 2009- Headlines EP



Formed in April of 2008, THEMIXTAPE began as a project consisting of Justin Juzdowski and Josh Szary. After releasing their first two songs, the two added drummer Jeremy Shields, bassist Ben Cansdale and guitarist Trevor Wirth to the lineup. With an upper east coast tour already under their belts and the average age of the band members being only nineteen, the potential is unmistakable.

When it comes to their music, the band doesn't rely upon clichés and the same old shtick to write their material. They find inspiration from everything around them.

"We always try to write something that people can associate themselves with, so I suppose drawing on real life situations comes out as the biggest influence in our lyrics,' Shields said. 'We're always looking for ways to inspire people through our music, so we try and make the good side of things shine through."
(An exerpt from UB Spectrum)

“We’ve been successful so far because we all have experience. All of us have been in other bands, and we’ve all learned what works and what doesn’t work,” says Josh, adding: “We’re best friends. We’re a family.”
(An excerpt from The Buffalo News)

THEMIXTAPE has had the pleasure of playing with some great acts, including Cute Is What We Aim For, The Plain White T's, The Summer Set, Silverstein, The Atari's and many others.